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Robert Downey Jr. reflects on playing Iron Man and makes it clear that "I'm not what I did with that studio." – GeekTyrant

Now that Robert Downey Jr. he's finished with Marvel, he seems ready to move on with his life and his career, and somehow he moves away from the role of Tony Stark, who launched his acting career into a new stratosphere.

One of the things he wants people to know is that he is not his job, he explained: "I'm not what I did with that study." This is what he told THR in an interview:

"Initially, by creating and partnering and creating synergies with Tony Stark and the Marvel Universe … and being a good company man, but also being a bit decentered, being creative and participating in all these other associations, it was a moment in the What … They say, the owners start to look like their pets. "

He did not want to let that happen, so he focused on a process called aesthetic distance and explains:

"I'm not my job, I'm not what I did with that study, I'm not the period of time I spent interpreting this character, and it sucks, because the child in all of us wants to be like," No, it's always going to be the summer camp and we all hold hands and sing & # 39; Kumbaya & # 39; ".

Of course, the actor enjoyed his time playing the character and, as you can imagine, he also enjoyed the huge amounts of money he earned from those movies!

"There's always a dependence on something that feels safe, it's the closest I'll ever get to being a trust fund kid."

I seriously doubt that Downey Jr. is ever in a position where he cares about money. Man is a talented actor who will never have trouble finding a job again. He has a Sherlock Holmes 3 in the works along with a restart of Doctor dolittle, but has not yet explored in detail what could be his life and career after Marvel. However, he knows he needs to start doing that soon.

"I have not been forced to explore the new frontier of what my creative and personal life is after that, it's always good to get ahead of what you are about to be in. If you look at" that will be a big change. there, spring of # 19, it will be better to start being psychically on top of that … It's always in the transitions between a phase and the next phase that people fall apart. "

I will be anxious to see the projects that Downey Jr. ends up assuming in the future, beyond what we already know is coming.

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