Rob Gronkowski Suspension for Tre & # 39; Davious White Hit? –

Rob Gronkowski Suspension for Tre & # 39; Davious White Hit?


It was a dazzling moment in a game that had already been decided. With the Patriots leading Buffalo, 23-3, at the end of the fourth quarter, rookie Bills Tre & # 39; Davious White intercepted a pbad Tom Brady intended for Rob Gronkowski after both White and Gronkowski were very physical during the route. White went to the ground and Patriots WR Phillip Dorsett knocked him down, then Gronkowski dived, stuck an elbow in the back of White's helmet .

"First of all, I definitely want to apologize to number 27 [White]I'm not in the business of that," Gronkowski said after the game. "I was really frustrated at that time." When asked to explain his frustration, the tight end said: "I was trying to push myself a bit … I do not understand why there was not a flag, a couple of times in the game, they're calling me in. For the craziest thing and crazy and it's like, crazy, I mean, like, what am I supposed to do, and then they do not call that, I mean, it was just frustration and that's what happened. " In the other locker room, Bills safety Micah Hyde described the move as "a dirty play" and it was reported that White, who took off his helmet and got up slowly after the stroke, entered the protocol. concussion. .

Now it's up to the league to decide how to punish Gronkowski, who was sanctioned but not expelled. The former arbitration director Dean Blandino now FOX badyst, said he should have been removed from the game. "I would not be surprised if it were a potential fine and maybe even a suspension in the future," Blandino said.

I would be surprised if Gronk is not suspended. On the one hand, he has been fined for unnecessary rudeness and for participating in the fight at the end of Super Bowl XLIX. But more than that, we've seen that the NFL becomes increasingly difficult in response to head shots, including the suspension of linebacker Danny Trevathan earlier this year. Defensive players have complained that their side of the ball is being unfairly punished for instinctive play, as the league places emphasis on the safety of the players. Now, the NFL has the opportunity to show that it is willing to punish offensive players as well, and a star in that, in a case where the blow clearly came out of the normal course of action.

Fortunately for the Patriots, they face 5-7 Dolphins next week (a game they should win even without their tight end) before a big one in Pittsburgh. Although a suspension of Gronk could reopen old wounds with the organization of New England and the base of admirers. Soon we will know if the league decides to take that path again.

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1. Seahawks 24, Eagles 10. The NFC received much more interest on Sunday night. Russell Wilson was dynamic, pitching for three touchdowns (and riding a MVP case), and an exhausted defense forced two turnovers in Philadelphia to break the Eagles' nine-game winning streak and take them out of the top spot in the clbadification of NFC (the Vikings now have the seed N ° 1). Seattle currently ranks fifth

2. Vikings 14, Falcons 9. The Vikings went to Atlanta and retained the Falcons without a touchdown for the first time since 2015. Atlanta fans now become fans of Minnesota as the Vikings head to Carolina-the Panthers sit a game ahead of the Falcons in the wild-card race. [19659012] 3. Saints 31, Panthers 21. About those Panthers. . . they are the last team to prove they are unable to stop the New Orleans runner combination from Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara . Those two combined for 248 yards of scrimmage and three touchdowns as the Saints swept their NFC South foes to regain control of the division.

4. Jets 38, Chiefs 31. Kansas City climbed 14-0 within five minutes of this, and it looked as if the offense had regained its mojo with Matt Nagy baduming the game duties. But then the defense collapsed. The Jets controlled the ball for a ridiculous 42:49 and Josh McCown threw for 331 yards in the return win. Kansas City falls to 6-6 with the loss, and its free fall now has a characteristic moment thanks to the decision of the corner Marcus Peters to throw a penalty flag in the stands, leave the field and return without socks.

5. 49ers 15, Bears 14. Jimmy Garoppolo got a victory in his first start for San Francisco. He moved the ball effectively, but repeatedly leads stalled in the red zone. Kicker Robbie Gould represented the 15 points for the Niners in a revenge game for the old Bear.

6. Raiders 24, Giants 17. Geno Smith lost twice to New York when Eli Manning watched from the sidelines. But the biggest story was Marshawn Lynch running for 100 yards for the first time as Raider, helping Oakland go up to 6-6, tied with the Chiefs and Chargers.

7. Titans 24, Texans 13. Tom Savage led Houston to the scoring range, four down with 1:13 to play, before throwing an interception in the end zone to end it. That INT soured a performance of 365 yards in his career.

8. Packers, Buccaneers 20 (OT). Green Bay is now .500 after Aaron Jones scored from 20 yards in the first overtime series after three and subtracts from both teams to end the regulation. On his return from shoulder surgery, Jameis Winston threw two touchdown pbades, both to Cameron Brate . Brett Hundley potentially making his penultimate start to the season with Aaron Rodgers about to return in Week 15, he had only 84 pbading yards.

9. Jaguars 30, Colts 10. Jacksonville kept pace with Tennessee by handling a lower division rival. Blake Bortles had 309 pbading yards and two scores when completing almost 75% of his pbades.

10. Ravens 44, Lions 20. If the Baltimore offense can go on like this, they may have something. Joe Flacco pitched for two touchdowns and Alex Collins ran for two more, and the Ravens won the battle for turnover 3-0. In the loss, Matthew Stafford suffered a hand injury, although X-rays were negative.

11. Chargers 19, Browns 10. It was closer than many expected, but the Chargers finally took over Cleveland at home (the score would have been more unbalanced had there not been been by the 1-for-the Chargers 4 performance of the red zone). In his long-awaited return, Josh Gordon led the Browns with 85 receiving yards in four receptions.

12. Rams 32, Cardinals 16. Anyone waiting for a takedown game for the biggest surprise contender of the year will have to keep waiting. Los Angeles has now secured its first winning season since 2003.

13. Dolphins 35, Broncos 9. An ugly game between ugly teams. A shot from Denver flew into the end zone for a safety in the first quarter. Trevor Siemian threw three interceptions. And a fourth-quarter safety score marked the rotten performance of the Broncos.

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