Rob Cohen Denis Asia Argento Assault Attack, Claims “Beverling” – Deadline

Actress and director Asia Argentina has come forward and accused the fast and the Furious And xXx Sexual abuse director Rob Cohen.

A staunch, outspoken voice who was one of many who accused Weinstein of harassment, Argentina revealed the allegations against Cohen in an interview with the Italian newspaper Il Corriere della Serra. Argentina told media outlets that this is the first time he has spoken about Cohen. She claimed that Cohen abused her and made her drink GHB, which was associated with anesthetic date rape.

“At the time, I didn’t really know what it was. I woke up in the morning naked on her bed,” the Argentine Italian newspaper reported. She said the alleged attack occurred while she was shooting the 2002 film xXx.

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In relation to the allegations, a spokesperson for Cohen released a statement to Deadline stating: “Mr. Cohen clearly denounced the assault charge against him by Asia Argentina as a whole. When they worked together , He had an excellent working relationship and Mr. Cohen considered him a friend, so this claim of dating back to 2002 is surprising, especially given what has been said about him in recent years. “

The allegations have also been included in Argentina’s autobiography Anatomy of the Wild Heart, Which is set to release in Italy on 26 January. She also talked about the allegations on the talk show Verissimo Where she said she did not come forward with the accusations of assault because she was not sure what happened and then said that she did not want to create “any storm”.

However, she said that when other women have come forward with allegations against Cohen, she also decided. In 2019, an unnamed person accused the director of sexual harassment. according to Huffington Post Reportedly, the alleged attack took place in Manhattan in 2015. His daughter Valkiri Vader accused him of molestation when he was a child and as a teenager, he claimed he took her abroad to meet sex workers. Cohen has since denied these allegations.

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