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Roasted future to give a 5-year-old son to Rolex for birthday


Future to Baby Future

Here is a Rolex for your fifth Bday, son

Uhhh … Thanks, dad?

5/19/2019 10:54 AM PDT

Future He gave his son, Future baby, a new Rolex for his fifth birthday, and now, he's being dragged into it online by the child's reaction … which seems to be very hard.

The Atlanta rapper posted a lot of photos and videos of the epic superhero party he released for his son and Ciara on Saturday, which was basically a child's dream come true.

One of the clips released by Future showed BF opening the box to a Rolex … which seemed to leave the young man somewhat disappointed while responding with a "Thank you" halfway. It's a pretty funny reaction, but people are really letting Future have it.

The general reaction to Dad's gift: all 5 of the children … what will he do with a Rolex? He wants toys, man! I'm not sure if that is totally accurate, since Baby Future was shaking it.

It's also worth noting … DJ Khaled He gave his own son, who was only one year old at the time, a gift $ 100k, clock with embedded diamonds that I could not use in the next few years. DJK did not face nearly half of the backlash for that … so people really should cut Future off here. At least your son can put the watch and it looks great with him too.

Meanwhile, Ciara Y Russell Wilson It seemed that they organized their own birthday party for the young Futuro in the same period of time, which also looked pretty sweet on camera.

It must be said that the duel birthday parties remind us Blac Chyna Y Tygacompeting birthday parties for the little king once upon a time. It is a win-win for the child in any case, really. Double the gifts and the cake … and lots of fun.

Happy birthday bf !!!

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