Roadshow asks: Do you like the Toyota Supra 2020?

the 2020 Toyota Supra It has easily been one of the most anticipated discoveries of this week. 2019 Detroit Auto Show. After a break of 20 years and years of rumors, the iconic Supra is back! We have seen the teasers and the leaks, and we have felt the anticipation of this revelation. The curtains have finally fallen off, and what seemed like it was never going to come now is staring us in the face.

After reading the comments of the readers in Roadshow and social media such as Facebook and Twitter, it is clear that the new Supra is reaching mixed emotions. Some people love it, some are very disappointed and many are somewhere in between. Some worry about their substantial shared parts have their BMW Z4 sister car, while others do not. Here are a handful of sample comments we have received:

Roadshow comments:

"On the one hand, I'm going to take a look … If it were not for another reason, I still have a Supra & # 39; 87 not turbo with a manual transbadual that is fun to drive in the right climate." – Member of roadshow: tlc_lla

"What a disappointment, fake fans, at least $ 60k at the door, using BMW iDrive (vomit) and only 335 HP!" This car should be sold as the new GT 86 and everyone would be happy, it does not look or feel like a Supra at all. " – Roadshow member: Maundrel.

"I think it's a little attractive, actually, but without a manual transmission? Um, what's the point of a sports car without a manual?" Oh, well, I've been driving for 44 years, so I guess I'm just a dinosaur. ."- Roadshow Member: jalywol1

"Revelation much weaker than many anticipated In general, quite disappointed, does not even have more power than the Z4? (Z4 generates 382 hp and 369 lb-ft.) It will be light and agile, but so far it seems A new Camaro SS 1LE would clean the floor with him on the streets and on the runway, for less money … and this is not very interesting either … Waiting so many years for the revelation was a terrible mistake ". – Roadshow member: BobbyGT.

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"I want to be killed [rather] have to send it back like this " – @ baro0k through Twitter

"It's everything we expected to be the GT86 / BRZ and more" – @JanthanOsman via Twitter

"It's not very impressive, so many cars that are already out there that will end up facing him will embarrbad him." In stock, this car should be a self-declaration, it could have been Toyota's chance to be the center of attention again. " – @ BDD8 through Twitter


"This will decimate everything after you put about $ 15,000 in it" – Chris Avila through Facebook

"The legend was not the car … it was the engine, make no mistake, and this is not a Supra, it's a replacement for the BMW Z4." – Bernie Do-An through Facebook

"How nice! This is so toxically masculine that someone needs to call Gillette fast!" – Scott Michael through Facebook

"Fake grilles, multicolored wheels, black and chaotic plastic everywhere, a BMW engine and only automatic … This was not an enthusiast … dream". – Aaron Williams through Facebook:

"Paul Walker would not approve." – Mohammad Rashad Nasereddin through Facebook

These are just a small sample of opinions, and we want to know how you feel about 2020 Supra. Does your style, transmission and general specifications capture your interest? Was it worth the 20-year wait? Was it all you thought it would be?

Click on the comments section below and say what you think, and be sure to participate in our surveys to see how your opinion matches the other readers. We hope to read your opinions and we are curious to see where the survey ends.

Have fun, and thanks for contributing!

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