Riz Ahmed’s wife is novelist Fatima Farheen Mirza

Riz Ahmed has unveiled his new bride.

The actor revealed this week that he married in secret, confirming the episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on Wednesday that he had married novelist Fatima Farheen Mirza.

Ahmed, 38, clarified that he was not trying to keep his marriage a secret.

“It’s a weird one, isn’t it? I guess because we live in a social media era. If you don’t like, get stuff on the megaphone about it, it’s a mystery – but I never know That’s how oversharing happens, “he told Falon.” Like, I’m in matka lats, but it never came. I’m not a secret matka latte drinker. ”

The pair initially “randomly” met at a cafe in New York when she was propping up for her film “Sound of Metal”, where he plays a heavy metal drummer who begins to lose her hearing.

“We both sat at the same table in a cafe where we both got up to write,” he said. “We were both working together in a very modern way at the same laptop plug point, and we struck up a friendship and then joined the line.”

He said that meeting Mirza at the time made the film even more special for him.

“Obviously, I met Fatima for the first time and met so many people from the deaf community who have become friends. And there is something about this film around this entire period that was life-changing, ”he said.

As it seemed like their secret marriage, Ahmed said they keep things small due to the epidemic.

“Obviously, it kept it super intimate, and socially distant. In fact, there was hardly anyone there,” he said. “We did it in a backyard, which is good in so many ways. And I think its The best thing about you is that you didn’t have 500 aunts who were pricking your cheeks. No disrespect to aunties. “

He jokingly said, “Asian marriages are big. You always find these people crawling wood, which I think is probably a little thing. They just smell the kebabs on the road and just wander inside. ”

Ahmed initially broke the news of their wedding in a January 11 episode of Louis Theroux’s “Grounded” podcast, stating, “This is the first time I’ve ever mentioned this in an interview. So, this incredibly exciting scoop Congratulations to

Mirza is known for her novel “A Place for Us”.


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