Riz Ahmed married, did not reveal wife’s name

More like the sound of silence.

British actor Riz Ahmed is apparently married, though he is remaining on the identity of his new Smt.

The January 11 episode of Luis Theroux’s “Grounded” podcast found himself out on the 38-year-old when he revealed that he lived in California after shooting a film there last year because his “wife’s family” was in the Bay Area. Is from , Weekly per week.

Theroux, quite understandably, told Ahmed that he did not realize that Amy Winner was not alone and asked how long she had been married.

Ahmad replied, “Not really very long.” “This is the first time I have ever mentioned this in an interview. So, congratulations for this incredibly exciting scoop. “

“I mean, I guess I don’t really feel like it’s usually relevant, so I’m not very much into my personal life or my dating history or even family life,” he said.

Ahmed doesn’t think he’s getting separated from the public, though: “If I were a private person, I wouldn’t do a podcast with you, ‘Hey, watch these movies. I’m on Twitter.’ I think it’s Is only about boundaries. “

On celebrity-gossip forum Lipstick Ale, users have linked stylist Akua Murray-Adobo’s name to Ahmed, while US Weekly said she was last seen with writer and filmmaker Anya Raza.


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