Riverside County will no longer have age-specific clinics

If you are under 65 and eligible to get vaccinated, but have had trouble getting an appointment, you may have better luck starting tomorrow.

County officials say they will no longer have age-specific clinics.

News Channel 3 spoke with people in line waiting to receive their COVID injection. Some have told us that a little outside help was needed.

“I was trying to do it online and the site was just freezing, my friends really went online and called us and they did it online for us and they talked to us on the phone,” Glenn Morrison said.

Many felt lucky to have one.

Riverside County had prioritized people age 65 and older at specific covid vaccination clinics.

“We wanted to make sure it was fair competition for our seniors, we heard loud and clear that our seniors were having a hard time getting those appointments,” said Shane Reichardt, Riverside County Senior Public Information Specialist. “We started with 85 and once we started to see those dates start to decrease a little bit, we moved on to 75 or older and what we’ve been doing for the last week or so 65 years or older.”

The move was to help prioritize our most vulnerable community in county clinics. But starting Wednesday, they won’t run senior-only appointment blocks, making more doses available to anyone in phase 1A and phase 1B of level 1, which includes healthcare workers, farm workers, and farm services. emergency.

“We’re seeing more supply, that’s a huge relief, we want to see supply continue to increase so we can move on to all of Riverside County’s residents,” Reichardt said.

We asked about older people who are still waiting for their second dose.

“Even though we are opening our vaccination to those phasing levels, those seeking a second dose will still receive their second dose, we need to make sure we have a supply on hand,” Reichardt said.

The county confirmed that they received a shipment of the Moderna vaccine that was delayed due to weather issues across the country.

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