Riverdale’s Camila Mendes and Grayson Vaughn split up

Camila mendes is a single woman. She and Grayson vaughn have broken up after about a year of dating.

The Riverdale The actress and her photographer boyfriend quietly ended things a month ago, a source exclusively told E! News.

“There was no drama at all, and they are still friends. Their relationship just ran its course,” explains the source.

She has deleted photos of him on her Instagram account and is not following him (although he follows her).

It seems that one of the factors that contributed to the split was their filming schedule. Camila said goodbye to Grayson in September 2020 as she left for Canada to resume her role as Veronica Lodge in Riverdale.

According to the source, “Camila has been filming in Canada and travel is prohibited, so the pandemic did not make it easy to see.”

Their departure in the fall was, in fact, Cami’s way of confirming her relationship with her Instagram followers. The 26-year-old posted a photo of them kissing on the runway, before taking off on her plane. The actress captioned it, “That kind of love at a distance.”

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He later showed how serious they had gotten when he wished her a happy 29th birthday in October. She wrote, “You just had to be a Scorpio huh. I love you birthday boy.” To which Grayson replied, “I love you more” (“I love you more”).

Camila Mendes instagram

By comparison, his most recent Insta post on March 18 is titled “individuality.”

Camila Mendes, Grayson Vaughan

Camila Mendes, Grayson Vaughan

The couple were first seen together in early 2020 and even went shopping in Italy during Milan Fashion Week before closing. They were spotted on an iced tea date in May, and by August, he was already photographing his co-stars for fun.

Camila previously dated her CW co-star, Charles melton, but they decided to take a break in the fall of 2019.

Earlier this month, he spoke with Health magazine about how your social life has been during the coronavirus pandemic.

“In my everyday life, I am a social butterfly,” he shared. “I love my friends and I usually have to force myself to be alone. But in quarantine, I’ve learned how much I really like spending time with myself. It’s been nice to realize that, and I think it’s something we all need at times. When all this started, I was in a place in my life that was go, go, go. “

Cami added: “I never imagined that I would have time to sit and be alone. It has really made me re-evaluate my priorities.

She will be filming the movie soon Strangers with Maya hawke. But in the meantime, new episodes of Riverdale Stream on Thursdays.

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