Riot conspiracy alleged ‘boogaloo’ member accused of child pornography

Federal prosecutors said Wednesday that a man allegedly accused of being tied to the “Bogaloo” movement was accused of inciting violence in Las Vegas protests.

35-year-old Stephen Parschel, also known as “Kiwi”, was charged after investigators allegedly found 10 images of child pornography and other material on his cell phone after a case of sexual abuse of children , US Attorney for the District of Nevada, said in testimony.

Parschel was one of three people, all of whom are members of the “Boogalloo” movement, who were accused of trying to stage a protest in Las Vegas in late May, who planned to provoke after the death of George Floyd Were with Violence.

A request for comment from an attorney representing Parcel was not immediately returned on Wednesday night.

The “boogaloo” movement has been described by prosecutors as a term used by an extremist, symbolizing the coming civil war and / or the collapse of society.

The US attorney’s office said that in early June, federal and state officials accused three people of the movement, including Parshall, of plotting violence during protests in Las Vegas in May.

Officials said the plot was foiled with the help of an informant.

The US attorney’s office said in a statement that after the arrest, investigators executed a search warrant and images were found on Pershal’s cell phone.

Parshall of Las Vegas is in jail. Prosecutors said the minimum sentence for a new charge of sexual exploitation of children is 15 years and a maximum of 30 years.

Documents related to the protest alleged that the men planned to use the explosions to spark riots, and they eventually sat down on a plan to go on a Black Lives Matter protest with Molotov cocktails. The documents stated that three people were arrested.

According to court documents, the trio attended a previous protest in Las Vegas when it did not pan out, with rifles and parcels encouraging protesters to become violent and “get very upset”.

Parcel has pleaded not guilty in the protest-related case. In June, a judge ordered him detained until trial, according to online federal court records.

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