Rights group says Palestinian children injured in Palestinian violence

According to the Israeli human rights group, a surge in recently settled violence has seen 14 Palestinians injured, including at least two children – in the occupied West Bank.

Yash Din, who attacks Palestinians and attempts to end Israeli occupation, said a large number of squares in the West Bank were closed on Thursday evening and stones were thrown at Palestinian vehicles.

5-year-old Jad Ala Savfta of Tabas City in the West Bank was injured at 10 pm (3 pm ET) local time Thursday at Gawat Asaf Junction near the administrative base of the Ramlila, Palestinians in the West Bank. , It was added. The group shared a photo of the boy who had visible scratches on his cheek and lower lip.

On 17 January, an 11-year-old Palestinian girl also suffered injuries to her face as a result of stones thrown by Israeli settlers, according to Yash Din.

Amidst these recent incidents, the rights group says there has been an increase in spring violence, following the death of a young settler suspected of throwing stones at Palestinians during a car chase with police in the West Bank on 21 December.

Israeli police used a water canon to disperse the youth of West Bank Jewish settlers during a demonstration against the Israeli police following the death of Ahuvia Sandak in Jerusalem on 2 January.Aerial Scalit / AP File

Yvsoon’s executive director, Lior Amihai, said the settlers were angry that they were mistreated by the Israeli police and that upon the settler’s death, Yivu Din’s executive director, Lior Amihai, said that in fact, the settlers Those benefit from the lack of law enforcement.

Amihai said the group documented about 50 incidents of settler violence against Palestinians following Sandak’s death, during which 14 Palestinians were injured. He said that the group cannot compare that figure to past figures because it does not have all the reported cases of settler violence.

Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh on Thursday condemned the attacks in the West Bank and called on President Joe Biden’s administration to do so.

A spokesman for the Israeli police said it was deployed at points of friction in the West Bank to prevent violence and enforce the law. In the past month, several cases have been opened relating to cases of disorderly conduct and violence against Palestinians and security forces.

He said the police investigation is underway in the incident in which the child was injured.

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In a statement from NBC News, a spokesman for the Israeli Defense Forces said its troops “do not stand by witnessing the violence,” adding it “works relentlessly to maintain stability in the region.”

The IDF defended the police questioning Thursday’s incident.

A spokesman for the Yasha Council, an umbrella organization representing Jewish settlements in the West Bank, declined to comment.

Another prominent Israeli human rights group, B’Tussel, also said that there had been a recent spurt in settler attacks against Palestinians in the West Bank, but it was still working to reduce the number of incidents.

Both groups said the violence is a continuation of a decade-long campaign against Palestinians in the disputed territory that was seized from Jordan in the 1967 Arab-Israeli War and that Palestinians want as part of a future state. They say that Israeli authorities have allowed settlers to attack their Palestinian neighbors.

“No one tries to stop these attacks in advance, nor does it happen,” said B’Tselem research director Yael Stein. “This reality is not a coincidence, but part of Israel’s deliberate policy of privatizing violence that accomplishes its goals: by expelling Palestinian land and resources to Palestinians.”

Palestinians are also regularly accused of violence against settlers, including throwing stones, rolling cars and stabbing. But Stein said that when this happens the army takes action, arrests the suspects and tries.

“It’s not symmetrical,” he said.

Violence increased during Israel’s plan for more settlement homes in the West Bank.

Israeli human rights group Peace Now said Israel on Wednesday floated a tender for more than 2,500 settlement homes in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, topping more than hundreds announced last week by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

According to Peace Now, more than 2.7,000 settlers now live in the West Bank, considered illegal by the majority of the international community, with more than 2.7 million Palestinians.

However, in 2019 under the Trump administration, the United States reversed its decades-long position that Israeli settlements in the West Bank were illegal.

As a presidential candidate, Joe Biden told The New York Times that “Israeli leaders must stop the expansion of West Bank settlements.”

Lavage Jabari has contributed.

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