Riff admitted Drummond Green’s ejection was ‘a mistake,’ says Steve Kerr

Drymond Green should not have been ruled out against the New York Knight in the first half of the Warriors on Thursday night at the Chase Center.

Shortly after the Warriors lost 119–104 to the Knights, coach Steve Kerr revealed that the referee called him shortly after throwing him to the green.

Kerr told reporters on a video call after the game, “At halftime, Ben Taylor came out and told me it was a mistake, John Butler didn’t feel Drummond was yelling at his teammates.” “He thought he was yelling at her.”

With one minute left in the first half, Green was eliminated. After a turnover attempt on an entry attempt for James Wiseman, Green yelled to the rogue center as the Warriors bounced back on defense. He was shouting loudly that NBC Sports is being heard through Bay Area broadcasts.

Butler clearly thought Green was yelling at him and assessed a second technical dishonesty that resulted in automatic eviction.

The Warriors were not playing particularly well and the Knicks were trailing 63–57 at halftime, but losing in the second half effectively ended any chances of Green winning the game. He does something different for the team.

“Obviously, Drummond is one of our best and most influential players, so it hurt us, but we were playing very poorly at that point anyway,” Kerr told reporters. “I’m not going to talk about degrading, I’m going to talk about our foul play. We’re constantly being dishonest. We’re dead last dishonest in the league, I think, free throw attempts. Allowed in. And you cannot win the game when you can foul, foul, foul. You consistently bring the ball out of the net after a team shooting a free throw.

“You can’t build any rhythm. We had four fouls in the first 55 seconds of the fourth quarter, so that’s who we are and I obviously have to do a better job. We’re undisciplined and we’ve got . Finding a loophole without fouling. “

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Andrew Wiggins, who finished in the loss with 17 points and nine rebounds, said the Warriors missed their vocal leader.

“It makes a lot of difference,” Wiggins told reporters. “Drummond is a very big part of this team, on either side of the floor. His presence on the bench is huge. We missed him, obviously, tonight.”

The league, once they review the game’s film, will likely re-add another technical rated for Green. But that doesn’t diminish the sting of missing him in Thursday’s second half.

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