Riders Republic Up for preorder: price, special edition, and more

Riders Republic, a new extreme sports game, was released during the latest Ubisoft Forward event, with a release date, a deep glimpse into the trailer and gameplay. Now you can also stop Riders Republic, so you have your copy reserved for launch. There are many different versions and platforms available for this, each offering different levels of content – and if you preface, you’ll get a special content pack filled with bunny-themed cosmetics.

Release date set for Riders Republic 25 February. Even though after the launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, Ubisoft is offering free upgrades to the PS4 and Xbox One versions for their respective next-gen versions. This means that if you decide to buy a new console this year, you can pick up one from the line for some time and still play the improved version of Riders Republic for free.

The Riders Republic’s downhill playground is an open world made up of seven different areas, all drawing inspiration from American national parks. You will be able to use a variety of bikes, skis, snowboards and wingsuits to race, trick and explore this world. It boasts 50-person multiplayer, so you’ll be able to bombard the hills with a lot of your friends.

Riders Republic Preorder Bonus

All riders come with the Republic Preemie Bunny Pack, which contains many cosmetic items. If you propose, you can beautify your snowboard with rainbow snowboard paint, throw on a cute bunny dress, and wear a blue bun head.

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