Rick Porcello lit up, the Red Sox's frustration overflows at a loss of 15-8

PHOENIX – The Red Sox's frustration has reached a boiling point, it has grown too much and on Friday night it has spilled everywhere.

After a four-run inning that Rick Porcello did not particularly deserve (bad defense and some bad luck were partially to blame), the former Cy Young winner entered the dugout, walked calmly toward the large orange Gatorade refrigerator and then used two arms. to throw it directly against the wall while it exploded like a stirred bottle of soda.

In the field, the Red Sox were imploding.

Porcello followed one of the worst openings of his career with another stinker, allowing seven runs while the defense played with his feet open behind him, then Brian Johnson allowed seven more as the Sox were embarrbaded by the Diamondbacks in a loss to 15-8 on Friday night.

Maybe it was the worst game in this 2-7 start.

"I do not believe in a hangover," manager Alex Cora said. "The only hangover is when you go out to drink and the next day you have a headache. We have all been there."

Porcello blamed himself for the rough game and said he threw the Gatorade as a sign of "frustration derived from" the ridiculous fourth inning, in which he allowed four runs, all won. But the Red Sox outfielders had the opportunity to make a play on three different hits in that inning and they did not convert any of them.

Mookie Betts knew it.

"A couple plays there, we have to find a way to make the play," he said. "We did not do it throughout the game."

The final pitcher for the Red Sox was the infielder Eduardo Núñez, who estimated that he had not pitched in 20 years. And he did well, allowing a solo homer in a job inning.

Even in their moments of glory, the Red Sox look far from being themselves.

The continued lack of clarity of most of the members of the pitching staff does not seem to disappear at the snap of Cora's fingers.

The grounds on which the manager preached on Thursday were not on display, and the defense was once again neglected.

"I think it's more that we do not launch tonight," Cora said.

The bats have shown moments of life, and that should give them some hope when the Sox look at their offensive to load them, while the initial release solves a lot of problems.

"The last two or three innings were the hardest we've hit the ball all season," said Cora. "That's positive."

Porcello's output did not look so bad from the beginning. He was having a lot of weak contact, but it seemed that the fourth inning made him unravel.

Ketel Marte hit a giant homerun with one out out, Nick Ahmed doubled, Avila walked, and then with Diamondbacks pitcher Zack Godley on the plate, Porcello allowed a bit of style in center field that was between three outfielders of the Red Sox in the center, to the right and second base. J.D. Martinez was the closest to him, but nobody threw himself at the ball, which fell at the feet of Martinez by one.

On the next play, Jarrod Dyson connected a weak line to the second baseman that bounced off Brock Holt's glove and rolled into the outfield for a RBI single.

And just after that, there was another mistake, when Mitch Moreland could not cleanly handle a routine grounding and had to settle for one out at the beginning instead of trying a double play.

The D-backs took a 5-1 lead, but it must have felt even worse for Porcello, who lost his cool in the Gatorade refrigerator between the innings and then almost beat a single inside the box at the top of the fifth.

"I was flying first," said Cora. "I was competing."

Porcello came out in the fifth inning with seven races to his name. The season starts with a 13.50 ERA.

"Very frustrating," he said. "I'm not doing my job right now, I'm not taking it lightly, I'll do everything I can to get back on track this week and next." This is about me, I'm taking full responsibility for these first two openings, not to throw the ball as I need to, I'd better turn it around quickly. "

The Red Sox holders now have a 9.60 ERA in nine games, having allowed 16 homers in that span.

Johnson, who was relieved until Friday night, was beaten by the Diamondbacks for seven runs, including two homers, while only recording four outs.

It did not matter that the Sox scored seven runs in the last two innings. The game was simply not fun to watch or play.

"I think we just need to go out and have fun again, just be the team we know we are, have fun and relax a bit," said wide receiver Blake Swihart, who hit .500 to start the year. "We're trying a little too hard, we just have to go out and play baseball."

Cora is not going to invent a new management style simply because her team has had a terrible start.

"I'm not going to change," he said. "I'm the same guy, because of how good he was last year, I understand what the big league season is like, you have your ups and downs, I have to stay calm, the same way we did things last year, we'll do it new.

"At one point we'll get hot and start playing good baseball and when we look back, we'll be like" it was not fun. "That was not fun in baseball." But we're going to be fine. "

Do not blame the manager for the horrible start, Betts said.

"It's definitely not him," Betts said. "It's us, our heads are not in this in some situations, a couple of hard rebounds, it's just part of the game, we have to play better for sure."

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