Rick Pitino is interested in St. John's work, but there is a trap

By WFAN.com

With the official resignation of Chris Mullin, St. John & # 39; s is in the market for a new basketball coach.

The Red Storm already has a Hall of Fame coach interested in the open position, but only under one condition.

Rick Pitino, currently a trainer in Greece, said he would be interested in the coaching position at St. John's, but only if they gave him an apology and publicly approved the Southern District of New York, according to Zach Braziller, of the New York Post .

Pitino was fired by Louisville in September 2017 after allegations of a pay-per-play scandal that was part of the FBI investigation into corruption in college basketball. To make matters worse, Pitino was also head coach during the program's alleged escort scandal, in which recruits and players from Louisville were being entertained by strippers and prostitutes.


The head coach maintains his innocence on both accounts, and said he could not accept work at St. John's unless his name was clarified.

"My point is that I have a lot of respect for St. John's, and to be in that environment, people would have to know the truth," Pitino said in an interview with The Post. "Never, ever, in 40- more years of coaching that they have given $ 5 to a player to come and play for me." You can ask Donovan Mitchell, Derek Anderson, Antoine Walker, all the boys I recruited.

"There was not a single test, except for a scammer who mentioned my name and they never rectified it, they never came out and they offered an apology, the Southern District of New York only says that you have collateral damage and tells you what the hell."

While Pitino may have an interest in the job, he denied having contacted the school about the open position.

At the end of the day, the Hall of Fame coach does not believe the Red Storm has an interest in taking him on board. Instead, Pitino indicated that St. John & # 39; s athletic director, Mike Cragg, will address Arizona State head coach Bobby Hurley for the position, as they both spent time together at Duke.

Hurley, along with Iona coach Tim Cluess, is expected to be on the short list of St. John candidates.

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