Rick and Morty Butter-Passing Robot is a Real Product

The creative team behind Rick and Morty announced that the butter-passing robot depicted in Season 1 was being released as an actual product.

Wubba lubba dub-dub! The creative team behind Rick and Morty has announced that the butter-passing robot featured in season one is actually becoming a real product.

According to SYFY WIRE, Adult Swim recently partnered with Digital Dream Labs to develop a replica of a limited-edition, small, breakfast-related machine revealed by Rick Sanchez during season 1’s cold open ” Some Rec’d ”Way Coms.

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“Our partnership with Digital Dream Labs gave us the opportunity to tell creative storytelling Rick and morty In an incredibly unexpected way that we think will not only resonate with fans, but will eventually deepen their engagement with the property, “said Robert Oberschell, Senior Vice President, Global Brand Product, Warner Bros. Consumer Products, a The statement said. ” Butter. The robot is not only innovative, but a really fun way to pass butter. “

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Co-founder and CEO of Digital Dream Labs, Dr. Jacob Hatcher said, we’re all huge fans Rick and morty And collaborating with the show’s creators has been great. We are all very eager for fans of the show to meet the Butter Robot. “

Unveiled during the Adult Swim Festival, the Butter Robot is a fully functional device capable of extracting the tedium of butter at the breakfast table. According to an official product description, the Butter Robot has a “complex emotion engine” that allows the bot to adapt to its surroundings and become more “self-aware” over time. Meaning, at some point, it will adapt and ignore certain commands.

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The series co-creator Justin Roiland also joked in an unboxing video that the bot “will love everyone you kill … it will find a knife in your own kitchen!” Roiland also notes that the robot was designed to “feel like it was drawn from the show’s universe. A product that sat on the shelves of many bastions of rickshaw gift shops, malls and shops. Rick An item made by, which was sold. Ricks and Mortis. An item which, being a little negligent in the manufacture of a businessman Rick, has a tendency to malfunction in the most terrible and spectacular way. “

The Butter Robot also includes a control mode that allows users to relay multiple types of commands, a direct control mode that allows users to experience life from the robot’s point of view and a voice component that allows mobile applications Parrot phrases through the text-to-voice feature. The show featured a special robot voice.

Fans can pre-order the limited-edition product – which features Roiland’s embossed signature – online for $ 147 USD right now, with the earliest anticipated until May 15, 2021. This price will increase to $ 197 after November 30.

Produced by Roiland and Dan Harmon, Rick and morty Roli starred as Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith, Chris Parnell as Jerry Smith, Spencer Grammer as Summer Smith, Sarah Chalke as Beth Smith, and Kari Wahlgren as Jessica. Season 1-4 Rick and morty Currently available to stream on HBO Max, and a premiere date for season 5 is expected soon.

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Source: SYFY Wire

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