Richmond restaurant responds to COVID concerns

Richmond, Va. – The Bingo Beer Company used social media to respond to COVID-19 concerns raised after a densely-lined photo of unlicensed customers outside a Richmond restaurant was shared on Reddit.

“So what’s happening at the bingo bar tonight? Is it a Kovid party?” The Reddit poster, purported to refer to RVA craft beer enthusiasts, was posted.

Posted with permission from Reddit user SpartiedOn

The line forms outside the Bingo Beer Company in Richmond.

In a Facebook post on Friday, the Bingo Beer Company addressed the photo.
“We accept that this image is related and a concern for it. We also share this concern. We take this opportunity to provide context for this snap shot and address our policies inside and outside of Bingo Beer Company Would like. ” The post started. Over “Bingo is a large venue with a capacity of more than 600 people. We have voluntarily limited our maximum occupancy to 200 people as we believe it is important to safely serve our guests in our dining room Allows, in our courtyard, and outside in our parking lot beer garden. We have changed our parking lot at Beer Park to encourage greater use of our outdoor space and allow for greater social balance . The original post has been taken down since the OP had expressed so many that snapshots were taken. Not indicative of the business or security protocols we are enacting. We very much appreciate that our space Is a concern for pavements outside of. Our voluntary occupancy limits have created a scenario in which a line may be out. To ensure that the size of the group in the line is limited to no more than 8 people. All groups are at least 6 feet away, and all group members mask Are wearing In addition, we are working together. Security people with whom we can bring an additional person to oversee the line that can form. “”
When the restaurant is not serving food to customers and no one is allowed to gather near the brewery, the restaurant implemented an indoor facade policy.

“We have a large space and have a minimum of 6 feet on our table, inside our dining room, in our courtyard and inside our dining room to assure safe enjoyment of bingo beers, food and beverages. We hope you have understood that the safety of our employees and guests is incredibly important to us. We wish you all the best and hope that everyone remains safe.

On Friday, the Richmond Health Department confirmed the Richmond Restaurant / Venue Slingshot Social Game Club, Good Times, Therapy and Cornerstone Bar & Restaurant suspended their restaurant operating permits for failing to meet the state’s COVID-19 safety guidelines Had gone.

Earlier this week, the Henrico Department of Health issued a warning to patrons of JJ’s Grill in Glen Allen, as it linked a group of COVID-19 infections to an event on 9 October.

Officials said that those attending the concert could come in contact with the virus and officials were advised to stay away from others by 24 October.


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