Rice University AI Bayou uses Deep Learning to write code

This article details newly published information on an artificial intelligence encoded by Rice University located at Houston, TX .

Machine learning and deep learning help artificial intelligence learn and grow.

But an emerging concept within the AI ​​community is "IA as IT". In fact, Co-CTO of IBM Security Koos Lodewijkx describes "Intro to Machine Learning" as one of the most popular new university courses.

So, it's not surprising that we now have an AI that can code.

What is the AI ​​of Rice University Bayou and how does it fit into AI as IT?

  image of Rice University Computer Scientists Vijay Murali, Chris Jermaine, Swarat Chaudhuri and Letaq Qi for the article Rice University AI Bayou writes code through deep learning
Rice University Computer Scientists Vijay Murali, Chris Jermaine, Swarat Chaudhuri and Letaq Qi (from left)

How did Bayou teach himself to code?

The application Bayou uses deep learning to write code specifically for programmers. The US Department of Defense UU He helped finance the project, developed at Rice University.

Part of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency initiative, Bayou also helps people through the digital domain of APIs sometimes undocumented. You can even try it yourself at askbayou.com .

Co-creator Swarat Chaudhuri told him Science Daily that previous attempts at Bayou failed due to ambiguity. Systems like Bayou need "… many details about what the target program does, and writing these details can be as much work as writing the code."

In fact, Bayou trained by studying the information available at [19659008] GitHub . By "training" with millions of Java code created by human programmers, Bayou can create his own.

Bayou's reach is a significant step in the artificial intelligence movement for IT. Chaudhuri explained that Bayou could "read the mind of a developer" with just a few keywords or a brief description.

How did researchers at Rice University allow this AI to learn?

  computer code image for the article Rice University AI Bayou Write Code Through Deep Learning
Pexels | Pixabay.com

Why the APIs and what can Bayou do?

The architect and scientist of Bayou Vijay Murali says that all this is related to the APIs. "There are hundreds of APIs, and navigating them is very difficult for developers," said Murali. Bayou offers the opportunity to save developers valuable database browsing time.

"That immediate response could solve the problem immediately, and if it does not, Bayou's sample code should lead to a more informed question for its human counterparts." said Murali.

While Bayou currently functions as an analysis tool for API, the Rice University team wants to take it further. His fellow creator Chris Jermaine said Bayou will continue to learn, so ask them questions.

  image of how a neural network forms relationships through Udacity for the article Rice University AI Bayou writes code through deep learning
How a neural network forms relationships through Udacity

Bayou uses the neuronal sketch learning to train the AI ​​neural network to notice high-level patterns among many Java programs. The associative learning process relates unique sketches for each program with the intention of the user behind the program.

Using his knowledge and sketches, Bayou guesses what a user needs based on the question entered. Jermaine elaborated on this process:

"Based on that assumption, a separate part of Bayou, a module that understands the low-level details of Java and can do automatic logical reasoning, will generate four or five different snippets of code … will be presented to the user as hits in a web search. "This is probably the correct answer, but here are three more that might be what you are looking for"

<img class = "wp-image-13015 size-full "src =" https://3bonlp1aiidtbao4s10xacvn-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/https_2F2Fblogs-images.forbes.com2Fjanakirammsv2Ffiles2F20182F022FAIStack-1200×551.jpg "alt =" image of the infrastructure AI as a cloud computing service for the article Rice University AI Bayou writes code through deep learning [19659047] Infrastructure AI as a cloud computing service | Forbes

Applications as AI for IT

Currently, tools like Bayou work together with programmers and developers. This contrasts sharply with the fear that the entire AI will replace humans in various job functions.

But it does show a growing trend in the use of artificial intelligence for tasks related to IT. This has applications especially in the field of cloud computing where AI already functions as services .

However, the work of Rice University in Bayou represents more than just an API analyzer.

Bayou represents an important milestone for both AI developers and developers in general. It could also be a first step towards the companion of hyper economic growth Edgy Labs writer Zayan wrote recently.

Only time will tell, but for now, computer students can rejoice.

For more technical information on Bayou, see the paper by the University of Ricer on learning neuronal sketches.

What would you do with a deep learning AI that wrote code?

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