Rian Johnson on the evolution of the Force in & # 39; Star Wars: The Last Jedi & # 39; and more spoilers


As Obi-Wan Kenobi once told the young Luke Skywalker, "The Force is what gives a Jedi his power, it is an energy field created by all living beings: it surrounds and penetrates us; to the galaxy. "

Ever since Tatooine's favorite farm boy learned about the Force, "Star Wars" fans have devoured the entire universe that comes alive in the galaxy far, far away in the course of eight movies and [19659002] But in Disney's weekend blockbuster "Star Wars: The Last Jedi," writer / director Rian Johnson ("Brick", "Looper") takes bold leaps and shakes the "Star Wars" universe , sending "Force Awakens" the heroes Rey (Daisy Ridley), Finn (John Boyega) and Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) enter the fight between light and darkness with one surprise after another.

How much redefines "The Last Jedi"? the rules of Force physics as we know it, and what do these tempting new possibilities mean for the future of "Star Wars"? Who is Snoke, anyway? What can the ghosts of the Force do beyond the astral plane? Did Kylo Ren ever kiss a girl?

Back in Los Angeles, among globetrotting appearances, a week after its star-studded premiere, Johnson responded to all of these fiery "Star Wars" questions and more. Heavy spoiler warning: Better read after watching "Star Wars: The Last Jedi."

"The Last Jedi" takes a lot of what we all thought we knew about this 40-year franchise and how the rules of the Force work, and expand them in new and wild ways. Knowing the doors you were going to open, how were your inquiries with Lucasfilm's internal canon guards as you wrote the script?

There is a man named Pablo Hidalgo who is the sweetest guy in the universe, and he is one of several guardians of the llama in Lucasfilm. It would always be a conversation, and if history required it and if it felt as if it extended to a new territory but did not break the idea of ​​what the Force can do, Paul fell, I received the blessing.

  Daisy Ridley "title =" Daisy Ridley "/><figcaption> Daisy Ridley plays 50 King tones in" The Last Jedi ". <span clbad= Lucasfilm

The evolution of King's relationship with Kylo Ren takes a intense and fundamental turn "The Last Jedi. "We know that Supreme Leader Snoke has linked them through the Force, as if he were connecting a call in a switchboard, an idea thematically reflected in Poe's" bad connection "scene with Hux earlier in the film. It originated?

It was always through the demands of history. "With the Force connections between King and Kylo, ​​I thought," OK, I need these two to talk. But if I put them face to face they will go "to fight, or one of them has to be tied up" –

Well, they [1 9459021] could also distinguish …

They could also kiss ! I'm going to give you a derivative movie …

Even if they do, then they can not be talking. So I knew that I wanted them to talk, and to talk enough about where we could go from "I hate you", until I was forced to interact with him. From there arose the idea of ​​these "connections of the Force", which is something new. It's a little riff about what happens with Vader and Luke at the end of "The Empire Strikes Back," but it's completely new in some ways.

I have a catchy name for the bady "Strength" of Rey and Kylo. Connection sessions for you: "ForceTime".

[Laughs] I've heard "Force Skyping", but it's fine! I have to talk to Apple. Here is a great opportunity for co-branding.

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Some of these new revealing possibilities of the Force can be a challenge for fans to accept. Are they such a stretch within the science of "Star Wars" and the biggest franchise?

The truth is, because "Star Wars" until "The Force Awakens" has been set in amber and we had not had a new "Star Wars" "Movie in 10 years, you forget you were presenting new things of the Force with each film, depending on the requirements of the story.The grasping force did not appear until "Empire", it was not in "A new hope." The same goes for the Force ghosts. of what might happen to the Force each time.

After the climactic battle on the salt planet Crait, we learn that Luke was projected from his island all the time, how does that scene rewrite the rules of the Force? a Force user projecting himself physically influencing the world around him, not just the minds of others?

That's a question.When Luke shows that he's projecting, it's like a hardcore variation of what Kylo and King have been doing to time and that's why he gets so much out of it. In the version we play, no. We try to play really, really just. As for his steps, we eliminate all his Foley, there are no step sounds. They never touch. And if you look, the salt flakes that are falling off Kylo's sword and not Luke's.

What about the ghosts of the Force and the suggestion that Jedi masters exert even stranger powers from beyond the grave? Can the powerful users of the Force create physical and tangible manifestations?

The only point where we introduce a spin in terms of Force ghosts is where Yoda calls the beam against the tree. That, I think, is a tempting glimpse of the potential of someone who is a Force ghost that interacts with the real world.

  Snoke "title =" Snoke "/><figcaption> Who is Snoke? (Besides Andy Serkis). <span clbad= Lucasfilm

Hypothetically speaking, can users of the Dark Force become ghosts of the Strength?

I think it would be interesting, we have not seen them in movies for what I can remember, but that would be really interesting, considering that the dark side has to do with self-preservation, trying to find immortality, and the notion that the side of light really came to him through disinterest, what would the dark side version be like? There's so much great [stuff] to think if you're willing to open your head a little!

Another surprise in this film is to see Leia use her latent powers of the Force after decades of being the twin Skywalker that does not wield the Force, why was that an important farewell gift to give both Leia and to Carrie F? isher? [19659007] That was something Kathy [Kennedy] was always asking: Why was this never manifested in Leia? Obviously he made a decision, because in "The Return of the Jedi" Luke tells him: "You also have that power." I liked the idea that Luke is not concentrating, looking for the lightsaber; it's a thing of instinctive survival, like when you hear stories of a father whose child is trapped under a car and they get superhuman strength, or a person who is drowning and making his way to the surface. Basically it's just that she had not finished the fight yet.

I wanted it to happen [for Carrie] and I knew it was going to be a stretch. It's a great moment, and I'm sure it will land in different ways for different people, but for me it was true emotional satisfaction.

Han's dice are a nice touch that resonates with Luke, Leia and Kylo. , not to mention the fans, and a callback to how he got the Millennium Falcon in the first place.

When I wrote it, it was something that was in "The Awakening of the Force." I think they fired it and they did not. I end up using it: when Han enters the Falcon, he takes the dice out of his pocket and hangs them again, like, "This is mine again." When I pulled [of “The Force Awakens”] I thought, even if it was not configured directly, I think you'll get it, that these are Han's dice. I liked the idea of ​​getting used to it in different ways, ending with Kylo.

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Fans have been obsessed with Snoke's origins since" The Force Awakens, "and although we know him much more in" The Last Jedi, "you do not necessarily give that answer. Does it matter who he was?

Not in this story is not like that, which does not mean that it would not be interesting, you could explore it in the next movie or in another place. I wrote this script before "The Force Awakens" came out, so when I wrote it, the mania of "Who is Snoke?" It had not yet emerged with the fans. Even if I had, my perspective is similar to how the Emperor handled himself. The first three films do not know anything about the Emperor because it is not necessary, because that is not the story. You know exactly what you need to know. While in the prequels, you know everything about him because that is the story.

In this film, Rey really does not care where he comes from, so if in one of his scenes he had stopped and made a 30-second recording of what he is like [Darth] Plagueis or whoever, Rey I would have blinked and seemed confused and the scene would have continued … and we would have ended up cutting it in the editing room because history does not matter at this time.

Why does it matter, then, who are King's parents? The idea that she does not come from a "special" Jedi lineage?

It felt like the way to go because it's the hardest thing she could possibly hear. It would be the easiest for her to be defined by "yes, this is how you fit into this story, it's because your parents are like that and like that!" At that time, for Kylo to use that [information] as a knife and turn him to try to get what he wants, he felt like the most dramatically powerful option.

  Adam Driver "title =" Adam Driver "/><figcaption> Kylo Ren (Adam Driver), the saddest dark side in the galaxy, finds an unlikely ally in" The Last Jedi. "<span clbad= Lucasfilm

] Explain the dramatic need to give Kylo Ren a shirtless scene.

At the premiere I heard someone on the balcony say: "Yes! "You can see that Adam was training hardcore throughout the process, it's fun but it also has a specific purpose, which is the growing sense of uncomfortable intimacy – that was staying with the issue of trying to give Rey as hard as you could. possibly give it, what would be an inevitable intimate conversation with this person that she just wants to hate This was just one more way to increase that bet.

So … is this the first time that Kylo holds hands with a girl?

In fact, I talked about that with Adam [Driver] Adam was like, "So … have I ever kissed a girl before?" I'd think maybe yes. Maybe after hours at the Jedi camp , there was a game of spinning the bottle – "turn the lightsaber …"

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