‘RHOSLC’ star Jane Shah calls Kelly Rhod of ‘RHOC’ her all time favorite housewife

One of the new stars of Jane Shah is Real housewives of salt lake city That is the reason for the waves across the franchise. Bravo novice has shown himself to be outspoken and not afraid to speak his mind, just like fans. Shah recently shocked viewers when she revealed that her least favorite housewife in all the franchises was Kelly Dodd Real housewives of orange county.

Jane Shah and Kelly Dodd | Chad Kirkland / Tommy Garcia / Bravo

Why does Jane Shah not like Kelly Dodd?

Shah has been a hit as a breakout RHOSLC Her vocal nature premiered on Bravo. Polynesian reality TV personality feared drunkenness with co-star Mary Cosby as the season progressed. However, the quarrel that was not started by anyone else was the one he undoubtedly started when he called Dodd.

But during an appearance Hollywood housewives arrive at night, A game was played with Shah host. One of the questions was which housewife was her least favorite of all the franchises, something she answered without hesitation.

“The least favorite would be Kelly Dodd,” Shah said. “I don’t know him personally, I’m referring to everything he has seen while wearing his social views, coronavirus opinions, mask ideas. They are very against my own personal beliefs.”

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Kelly Dodd causes drama with coronovirus comments

As the world came to a standstill after the breakout of COVID-19, the public had no information about the virus available. The novel coronavirus was identified only a few months ago and there were no real figures or numbers. However, it did not stop RHOC Star from making controversial comments deemed insensitive by some fans.

Dodd wrote back in April 2020, “Anyway those who die this year would have died this year,” adding, “Do you know how many people died from H1N1, swine flu, or succulents?” It’s 25%, get your facts straight. You’re just a listening number, not a reality. It’s God’s way to thin the herd. If you’re weak or compromising, stay in. If you’re wearing masks and gloves Do not protect others, so keep your distance and do not go out when you are sick. This is common knowledge. “

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Kelly Dodd apologizes after remorse

There was undoubtedly a huge push from fans which in turn forced Dodd to publicly apologize for his statements. Dodd tried his best to try to explain to him what he really meant but it was not enough for many to take him seriously again.

“I want to give a public apology,” he began. “What did I mean, is this epidemic because it’s God’s way?” I am not God, I am not insensitive. I feel bad for all the families who have lost loved ones. And I think we should all stay indoors and protect everyone. That’s not what I mean, and I want to apologize to anyone who got offended. Forgive me.”

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“I just feel bad,” he continued. “My words of choice were stupid and I hope you guys can forgive me all for calling me so ridiculous and so stupid.” Please accept my apology. And I feel bad for everyone who has lost loved ones. I hope everyone is safe and protects themselves from this epidemic. “

Real housewives of orange county Airs at 9 pm ET on Wednesday night followed by ET Real housewives of salt lake city Bravo at 10 pm ET.

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