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When Destiny 2 came out in September, it felt like an extension of the original destination ; one that showed that developer Bungie discovered how to bring his original concept to life. As we said in our review, Destiny 2 was Destiny as it should have been, done with the benefit of the lessons Bungie learned from three years of expansions, community interactions and updates. It was not perfect, but it was a step forward. In contrast, Curse of Osiris the first expansion of Destiny 2 feels a big step back.

Curse of Osiris is an explosion of Destiny last, dredging some of the worst problems of the first days of the game. It is short, small and repetitive, the type of content that would feel like home in the first year of the original destination . Despite Bungie's use of epic musical hooks, famous voice actors, and well-produced scenes, the actual experience of playing the latest addition to Destiny 2 is boring at best.

For players who might have fallen from Destiny 2 within three months of its release, Curse of Osiris offers little reason to jump again.

The most boring time travel in the world

Curse of Osiris refers to the Vex, one of Destiny & # 39; s groups of alien enemies. As the enemies and characters of Destiny 2 go, the Vex, a race of hive robots, are some of the most interesting. They badimilate whole worlds (and peoples) to turn them into additional robots, they are inscrutable and unknowable, and they have dominated the journey in time.

Fight these time-traveling robots is Osiris, a legendary guardian hero, who was exiled in disgrace, in part for being too catastrophic about robots traveling in time. Most of the history and content of the expansion takes place on Mercury, a planet that the Vex reviewed completely, and a place in the solar system Destiny has barely advanced so far.

A powerful but dishonored hero who fights robots who can manipulate time inside a giant Matrix sounds like a recipe for a phenomenal science fiction adventure. But Curse of Osiris does very little with its premise. It does not take advantage of its thematic plot of time travel to present new game ideas or aesthetically interesting areas. Despite all the compliments that have been made to Osiris, most of the expansion pbades out of sight. We never see firsthand what makes it special.

The curse of Osiris is an explosion of Destiny & # 39; s past.

Players spend much of the expansion in the "Infinite Forest", a new destiny Destiny 2 that, as the characters in the game describe it, is "an engine of probability of the size of a planet. "It is a gigantic supercomputer Matrix where the Vex can simulate multiple realities. It sounds fascinating, but, as the centerpiece of Curse of Osiris the Infinite Forest does not fulfill the promise of the idea. Despite all the possibilities suggested by a mbadive reality simulator and the solar system of ideas that Bungie could extract, the Forest is just a series of concrete and gold platforms with the bad guys thrown over them. Make your way through a platform to open access to the next platform. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

  Destiny 2 osiris revision curse

Overexcited repetition recalls a moment when Destiny was simpler and more frustrating. Each step through the Infinite Forest is functionally identical to the previous one. Sure, this is a shooter, and shooting a bunch of enemies in a series of corridors is what shooters do. The problem is that you will visit Infinite Forest again and again during the campaign Curse of Osiris and the experience is always the same, although with some very small variations. You will come back and repeat the process a few more times if you play the new adventure missions of the expansion.

The two new attacks of the expansion? They are exact copies of the two story missions he completed on his own, redesigned to accommodate two more players. Those missions had their moments the first time, but repeating them again and again shows how thin they really are.

The Infinite Forest feels like a great missed opportunity.

Destiny 2 makes a fair amount to change its missions, requiring players to hold positions, cross series of platforms or jump into vehicles. It may not have revolutionized the shooter, but it is much more rewarding than the first more repetitive days of the original. Curse of Osiris returns to the first Destiny days in which much of the experience consisted in reproducing the same small fragments of content over and over again, adding boredom to what could be levels decent in other circumstances.

The Infinite Forest specifically feels like a great missed opportunity. His name suggests unlimited possibilities, and Bungie could have filled the place with literally anything. Apparently, however, the most interesting thing that the Vex could simulate was the spatial equivalent of an empty parking lot, and the exact same shootings that you can already find throughout the solar system.

The bad old days

Despite these problems, Curse of Osiris makes the scraping of content felt by many dedicated players Destiny 2 . You can repeat the three missions of Adventure in Mercury again and again, completing harder "Heroic" versions to obtain better rewards. There is a large amount of new weapons for players to find and add to their collections. Some, like the harvest of "Tablets of prophecy" that require you to wander through the solar system completing previous activities, will keep you quite busy.

  destiny 2 osiris revision curse

The new open area on Mercury has some great ideas, such as its periodic and involved public event, although it is quite small and, therefore, does not have too many activities to keep it there . Some new maps in the multiplayer arena known as the Crucible also bring more variety there. Altogether, the additions are correct and help Destiny 2 feel a little fuller when he ventures to return to him.

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris Compared with

However, after a thorough examination, there is not much there. Most of Curse of Osiris consists of reusing pieces of content with minor tweaks. The new missions, both in history elsewhere, tend to be variations on the theme of the repetition of the same great part of the Infinite Forest. The great suggestions of a strange and infinite simulation to explore, a new character to know and mischief in the journey in time to avoid that they really become what you experience in the game.

Our take

The world of Destiny 2 suffers whenever its big ideas do not fulfill its promise. We will see if things improve in days and weeks for new additions, such as the new "Raid Lair" mode, which is launched on Friday. For now, Curse of Osiris feels shallow, a plugin that includes reused content and busywork. The Curse of Osiris carries Destiny 2 in time to the first days of Destiny, when the players had a much weaker game.

Is there a better alternative?

Destiny 2 is itself a solid multiplayer title, so if you're desperate to do more things in Bungie's shared throw game, you're caught holding Osiris Curse . If you're willing to buy a new game, there are plenty of great shooters on the market right now, from Overwatch or LawBreakers to Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus . If he was not sold the Destiny 2 before, The curse of Osiris will not tip the scales.

How long will it last?

Repetitive content is integrated in Destiny 2 but we finished the main story of Curse of Osiris in one afternoon. Players who add content in areas Destiny 2 return to the Crucible or Strike playlist, and when searching for all expansions, single weapons must keep players occupied for a while.

buy it?

For fans Destiny 2 dedicated, Curse of Osiris offers enough new material that will at least refresh most of the minor aspects of the game with things like new weapons for pursue and new events to follow. But if you're in the market for an ingenious shooting game or a great story, look elsewhere.

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris was revised on PlayStation 4 with a revision code provided by the editor.

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