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Reversible Emoji could hit iOS next year with redheads, superheroes and more: TECH: Tech Times

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The latest Unicode Consortium guidelines include reversible emojis, which could reach the devices next year. Other notable candidates include superheroes, redheads, supervillains, puppy-eyed faces and more.
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The emoji are a big part of today's conversations and are constantly evolving, improving and expanding. Next year, devices with iOS can have reversible emojis and many others.

In an era driven by mobile devices, emoji play a central role in communication. They help users to highlight, replace words, express actions and more. A lot of emojis are already available, and many more are coming to the market next year.

Reversible Emoji

According to the latest guidelines proposed by the Unicode Consortium, reversible emojis could be front and center. For those who are not sure what this would entail, the reversible emojis mean that users could choose which side faces an emoji. In this way, one could have a woman chasing a man, or a man chasing a woman, for example, and that would make a big difference.

The list is only a draft for now and is not definitive in any way, so it may still have additions or deletions. For now, the proposed guidelines are in the testing phase and following comments, will be finalized in the first quarter of 2018.

Other Emoji candidates

In addition to the reversible emojis, the proposed guidelines also contain a large amount of other proposals. emoji that make great candidates. Such emoji include red-haired people with various skin tones, hot faces, cold faces, superhero emoji with male and female versions, supervillain emoji with male and female versions, dizzy faces, partying faces, smiling faces with three hearts spinning around , supplicating faces with puppy eyes, curly, gray and bald hair with various skin tones, various body parts and clothing.

There are also new animals such as raccoons and llamas, new food and drinks, a new emoji cracker filed in "activities", new objects, tools, household items, symbols and more. An infinity symbol and a pirate flag, for example, could reach the list of final options.

  Unjide 11.0 proposed emoji

(Photo: Unicode) Unicode 11.0 proposed emoji

Once the list is finalized, Apple and other providers could select which emoji would be reversible on their devices. There are currently 130 new emoji candidates for Emoji 11.0, but obviously, not all will.

According to the timeline for the final emoji list, Apple's iPhones and iPads could get reversible emoji and others sometime after September 2018, along with iOS 12 or iOS 12.1. A later update of macOS should also bring the new emoji to Mac. Of course, Apple's final designs could present slight variations of the emoji represented in the proposed guidelines.

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