Revealing the reason for the death of MTV star Charlie Balducci

The cause of the death of one of reality TV’s first breakout stars has been revealed.

Charlie Balducci, who was stealing scenes from MTV’s “True Life”, committed suicide for “intense intoxication” from a lethal cocktail of prescription drugs, the New York Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed to the Post on Monday.

Oxycodone, hydrocodone and alprazolam – an anti-anxiety drug commonly known as Xanax – were found in the bloodstream of a 44-year-old native New Yorker who was discovered irresponsible in his Staten Island home on July 25 . He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Better known as “Charlie B”, the flamboyant entertainer was a glorious precursor of the reality TV genre after starring in 2001 in “True Life: I’m Getting Married”. He allowed MTV cameras to follow him for four months. Marry your fiance, Sabrina.

The series showcased one of the most reviled moments in MTV’s history: when the Limu driver was running late on Baldukki’s wedding day, he swore: “I’ll like you like a piece of S-T” and “I’ll hunt you down. Like cattle.”

Alas, Balducci – dressed in a snazzy white suit – still arrived at his nuptials two hours late.

The Great Kills resident “Guido” was proud to bring the lifestyle to the masses, and said fellow Borough residents should roll with jokes – as well as MTV’s “Jersey Shore” kids soaking up, Who claimed to have ripped off his schick.

“Apparently, these guys are playing on the stereotypes of Staten Island,” he said in 2009. “It’s very funny to me how well they do when they’re trying to recreate the authenticity of a guido or guidet.”

She later followed up with a number of acting roles, including as a talk show host in the Derrick Simmons film “Nobody’s Perfect” and as the narrator of the indie flick’s flatter flick “Staten Island”. She made a brief appearance on the ABC soap “All My Children” and guest starred in “The Rikki Lake Show”.

However, in Real Jeevan Balduasi found the Staten Island-based 501c3 non-profit organization NYC Arts Cyphrey in 2005, dedicated to creative programs towards at-risk youth. With an alleged mission to keep children out of trouble on the streets, they showed everything from mural murals to breaking programs for anti-Semitism campaigns.

He had married wife Sabrina for more than a decade, but had reportedly separated at the time of his death. He is survived by two sons, Louis, 19 and CJ, 17.

At the time of his unexpected death, Balduki’s mother told TMZ the last words he spoke “that he is happy for his boys.”

Charlie Balducci
Charlie Baldusi will be a volunteer at the NYC Arts Sypher, a non-profit on Staten Island.


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