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Revealed the new conceptual concept of Final Fantasy VII Remake

  final-fantasy-7-remake-cloud-and-wedge "title =" final-fantasy-7-remake-cloud-and- wedge "height =" 364 "width =" 655 "data-item =" 1076631 "/></figure><p> Although the event <em> Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary -Foodwell Story Exhibition </em> does not officially start for another two days, Early access to the press is giving fans a lot of hope before the celebrations begin to officially function.Sterday we shared some of the beautiful rising art of Tidus and Yuna, and now we are looking more closely at the designs of concept for the highly anticipated <em> Final Fantasy VII </em> remake!</p><p> The event officially begins on January 22 until February 28 at the Mori Art Center Gallery in Tokyo.There are tons of images floating around the panel, many of which can be found here on the media wall site officials. What caught our attention was the remake art that is beautiful and that makes waiting even more difficult:</p><script async src=

The entire celebration is meant to reflect such an amazing and enduring franchise, offering new and veteran fans a deep look into the past as we move into the future of ] Final Fantasy. From fans signing up to impressive game captures, this is a celebration that is worth noting for a vital part of the game's history. There is even a reproduction of the church of Aerith that contains even more impressive works of art!

For more information about the event:

Come celebrate the Grand Inauguration of Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary: ​​An Art Legacy on Saturday 2nd December, 2017 with your fellow fans. List of activities below:

  • Signature and Live Drawing Session with the legendary artist Toshiyuki Itahana (* Limited Tickets Available, See Below & # 39; Guest Artist FANTASY FINAL & # 39;)
  • Final Fantasy Merchandise Shop – Buy any FINAL FANTASY 30th Anniversary item at the event or simply arrive at a FINAL FANTASY cosplay to spin the prize wheel for the chance to win exclusive prizes.
  • Final Fantasy Demo of the collectible card game
  • Final Fantasy Drink Bar (Non- Alcoholic beverages also available)
  • Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Photo Wall
  • Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Firming Wall
  • And Food Trucks!

Final Fantasy VII Remake is now in development for the PlayStation 4.

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