Returned lecture of stolen House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the Capital Riot

A smiling and waving picture of the accused rioter was shot off.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s lecture, which went viral, has been seen taking place in the capital riots.

Kent Los Angeles Times Staff Photographer. Nishimura Tweeted That a colleague said “yes, this is the lecture,” as it was being established.

Adam Johnson, 36, of Paradish, Florida, allegedly stole Pelosi’s lecture during the riots. He was arrested after federal investigators said he was seen smiling as he was taken to the lecture via the Capitol Rotunda.

Johnson has been charged, “according to the US authority’s office,” for one count of intentional entry or remaining in any prohibited building or ground without legal authority, theft of government property, and one count of violent entry and disorderly conduct Has been charged with. . He was released on $ 25,000 bond on Monday.

Federal investigators said Senate staffers received the day after the riots. Its estimated value is $ 1,000.

Johnson was ordered to appear in federal court in Washington, DC on November 19. One of his lawyers told reporters that Johnson would not make a statement.


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