Results UFC Fight Night 129: The biggest winners, loser of & # 39; Maia vs. Usman & # 39; last night

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returned to the injured business last night (Saturday, May 19, 2018) for UFC Fight Night 129 within Movistar Arena in Santiago, Chile, which was spearheaded by a welterweight bout that defeated Kamaru Usman Demian Maia in a main event of five rounds. In the main event, Tatiana Suárez did a quick job with Alexa Grbado presenting her in the first round.

Major Winner: Tatiana Suárez

Suárez kept his unbeaten record intact by taking him to Alexa Grbado, who was once considered one of the future stars of the promotion, submitting her in just over two minutes to the fight to pbad to 6-0, 3-0 UFC. As the kids say, Suarez has the juice now, since the public relations love that used to go to Grbado should now focus on Tatiana, who is determined to be implemented in the straw weight division. Expect a big bump in the ranking for her to come next week, which means she can expect big challenges in the future.

Finalist: Kamaru Usman

This will not be a popular election, since Usman did not get the dominant triumph or final he was looking for to score. But at the end of the day "The Nigerian Nightmare" got the victory over an opponent of the first five that he wanted so much after taking out Demian Maia. That is now eight consecutive victories within the octagon for Usman, 12 consecutive in total. With the victory, Kamaru slowly begins to separate himself from the rest, but is still at least one more victory away from a title fight. What is more impressive, is that he managed to win despite breaking his hands at the beginning of the fight. Oh.

Biggest Loser: Demian Maia

After losing to Usman, the submission badistant extended his losing streak to three, losing to Colby Covington and Tyron Woodley before facing "The Nigerian Nightmare." It is a difficult race for the veteran veteran. and former contenders to the title, who was already talking about his possible retirement from the fighting game before the fight. At 40 years of age, three consecutive losses are not good for the former title contender twice. On the positive side, he recently signed a new contract with the promotion, so he has that in his favor.

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