Results of UFC 218 the night before: Max Holloway vs. Jose Aldo recap fight –

Results of UFC 218 the night before: Max Holloway vs. Jose Aldo recap fight


Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Featherweight kickboxers Max Holloway and Jose Aldo met last night (December 2, 2017) at UFC 218 inside the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan.

Holloway has been perfect in recent times. Outside of his last fight with Aldo, which ended violently in the third round, the Hawaiian has not only won fights, but has dominated and won all the rounds. Holloway made clear his intentions to begin the "Blessed Age", and that begins by moving Aldo away for the second time.

Much was said about Aldo's mentality before this fight. According to reports, he was healthy and fully motivated, ready to regain his title. However, before the bell rang, it was still hard to tell if Aldo was still being dragged into professional boxing or if he was chasing Conor McGregor or if he was really focused on his opponent.

Holloway worked behind his direct shots to start the fight, but Aldo stayed out of reach before attacking with a burst and low kick. Afterwards, Holloway's coup began to connect, but Aldo made good use of the exchanges.

A second low kick scored for the Brazilian.

Aldo's rhythm remained quite low, but it swayed heavily. Meanwhile, Holloway remained calm and continued stabbing the jab, which landed with some consistency. Holloway did a good job avoiding most of the shots, and also attacked the body more frequently.

Aldo scored with a big uppercut to finish a close round.

Holloway's direct shots were closer to his goal, but Aldo responded with another low kick. Holloway's hit was his most consistent weapon, since his power shots were still missing, but the left of Hawaii was hitting Aldo's head well. In general, Holloway seemed to be dictating the range well, but a trio of low kicks from Aldo did real damage.

Holloway clearly did not like low kicks, but kept his offense independently. At the last minute, Holloway took advantage of Aldo by slowing down while driving in the clinch and tearing body shots. Then, he released the floodgates, fired and knelt.

Aldo did not absorb anything too important, but he also seemed a little tired.

Aldo chose his moments well to start the third, entering a knee and an elbow in the break that caused damage. Meanwhile, Holloway kept up the pressure. Even when Aldo fluttered and threw hard blows directly at his jaw, Holloway did not turn his back on his opponent.

Holloway turned the fight into a fight, standing directly in front of Aldo and firing. Aldo landed at the beginning, but Holloway continued to shoot fast blows. At first, the exchanges were even, but Aldo was carrying too much. It cost his gas tank, and Holloway just kept shooting.

In a short time, Holloway was swarming the Brazilian. By changing position in his pocket, Holloway launched relentless combinations and aimed at the body. Aldo was badly injured and fired for a desperation knockdown, resulting in Holloway winning the top position. From there, the onslaught continued and forced an arrest.

On the surface, this was a very similar fight to Holloway's first victory over Aldo. There were a couple of differences, but the biggest one was the final round. The last time, Holloway pulled and counterattacked, while this time Holloway stayed directly in front of Aldo and invited the exchanges.

At that time, Aldo was so tired that Holloway fully trusted his chin, and that decision was worth it.

In addition, Holloway worked the body more in this fight. The killer never landed a single shot that landed the last time, but Holloway completely broke his enemy until the end materialized.

Run that game of Frankie Edgar again, but let's be honest, betting against Max Holloway right now is foolish.

Aldo fought with more intelligence this time as well. He returned to his low kicks, and it was his most significant punches of the fight. In addition, his defense was clear during the first two rounds, as the movement of Aldo's head worked very well with his rivet to defend against many of Holloway's first shots.

Unfortunately, Aldo simply could not keep up. Holloway never took his foot off the accelerator, and Aldo little by little became a less dangerous fighter. Low kicks might have helped, but Aldo got tired before he could do enough damage to throw the Hawaiian out.

What's next for Aldo? Maybe the lightweight division. Retirement is also an option, although Aldo has also expressed interest in boxing.

Last night, Max Holloway defended his title with a knockout victory in the third round. How long will Holloway wear the leash?

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