Results of UFC 218 the night before: Francis Ngannou vs. Alistair Overeem fight recap –

Results of UFC 218 the night before: Francis Ngannou vs. Alistair Overeem fight recap


Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Heavyweight artists Alistair Overeem and Francis Ngannou collided last night (December 2, 2017) at UFC 218 inside the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan.

Overeem has been among the best heavyweights in the world for years and years now. He has adopted a number of different approaches to combat sports at that time, but his recent outside kickboxing approach, known to fans as "EconoReem", has been a constant success. However, Overeem faced a mbadive test last night to win a second showdown against the champion.

The UFC has not fully backed a fighter, perhaps Conor McGregor, but the hype was behind Francis Ngannou. It is not hard to see why; literally, all you had to do was look at it. The huge Frenchman was learning remarkably fast techniques, and "The Predator" seemed to be the future of the division.

The future is now, old man.

Overeem attacked Ngannou to start, trying to prove he would not. be intimidated He threw a big left hook before driving to the clinch, where Ngannou turned and put Overeem on the fence.

The fighters separated in a short time, and "The Reem" hit with a double jab-cross, almost eating an accountant in the process. Overeem intervened again, landing a left hook on the side of his head. However, when Overeem's head was left aside, Ngannou turned to a left hook / uppercut counter that caught Overeem directly on the chin.

Overeem left the mat briefly, and the great heavyweight of all time fell on his back completely unconscious. The whole fight only took 104 seconds.

What's there to badyze? Ngannou loves the left hook / uppercut / shovel hit, however he wants to clbadify it, and launches it as an accountant frequently. Overeem received a decent blow, but crouched in the wrong direction.

That's all he needed.

Ngannou is next in line to fight Stipe Miocic for the title. Are you ready for Miocic? On the technical level, I'm not entirely sure, since Ngannou has not shown much in his game besides the counter of the left hand and some defenses. At the same time, he brutally knocked out a legend without showing anything else, and there is a good chance he will do the same in front of the champion. He just hit terribly hard.

If Ngannou defeats Miocic or not, his entry comes at an incredible time. The same group of heavyweights has been at the top of the division for what looks like a decade. Miocic is an exception, but Ngannou is a new face that could very well become a dominant champion.

I certainly would not like to fight him.

There is not much to say for Overeem either. He made a mistake, and it cost him immediately. Personally, I would have liked to see Overeem keep a great distance and kick instead of bouncing with punches, but Overeem has a few dozen more professional fights on his record. He has seen everything and chose what he believes is the best strategy to stop Ngannou, but it did not work.

Such is life in the division of heavyweights.

Last night, Francis Ngannou violently finished the Overeem title in the first round. Will Ngannou defeat the current champion?

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