Results of UFC 218: Eddie Alvarez stops Justin Gaethje late in an instant thriller of blood and guts –

Results of UFC 218: Eddie Alvarez stops Justin Gaethje late in an instant thriller of blood and guts


Ultimate Fighting Championship (LUFC) Lightweight Reels Eddie Alvarez and Justin Gaethje collided tonight (Saturday, December 2, 2017) on the main pay-per-view card (PPV) of UFC 218, which emanated from Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan. It was a confrontation that was announced as a potential candidate for the "Fight of the Year" and did not disappoint.

In fact, they were fireworks from the jump, with Alvarez suffering a punishment in the leg, possible facial injury to score an exciting third round of TKO.

Gaethje opened the action with a strong kick in the leg as Alvarez entered the impending gun battle. Alvarez threw looping punches while Gaethje continued his badault on the leg. Alvarez returned the fire and followed it with a good hard blow, but Gaethje kept walking. Alvarez changed position and tried to avoid kicking the leg, throwing mbadive power shots that Gaethje was able to block and / or absorb. Gaethje returned to the pit again and Alvarez tried to use his momentum to secure a takedown, but Gaethje quickly stood up. Gaethje began to have some blood coming out of his nose and some swelling over his left eye, but that did not stop him from returning the fire. Alvarez connected some good photos to the body, and then some up, which made Gaethje cover himself in defense. Álvarez finished the round with a forward kick, which did nothing but look good.

Both fighters opened the second round with kicks in the legs, with Alvarez once again flying with blows and landing with at least one of them. Gaethje connected a nice left center, but Alvarez responded with an equally impressive right hook. Gaethje slipped in with a good uppercut while Alvarez bent with his jab. Gaethje came in with his head down while Alvarez boxed his ears with a barrage of blocked shots. Alvarez ripped Gaethje's body with thunderous shots, which appeared to cause serious damage. Gaethje, however, continued firing, advancing and firing … like the zombie he is. Alvarez was relentless in his attack and, at the end of the round, he connected a flush kick to Gaethje's face as he stood up. Gaethje was able to respond in some way with a flying knee in the bell.

Álvarez, with a large swelling on his right cheek, came out determined to start the third and final round. Gaethje went back to work on his legs, forcing Alvarez to try to push the guard, but Gaethje was not having any of that. In the middle of the round, Alvarez could score a knockdown, but Gaethje immediately stood up and punished his left leg again. Gaethje could barely stop towards the end of the game, he was exhausted. Then, with little more than a minute remaining in the fight, Alvarez drilled Gaethje with a clean knee in the face that sent him to the canvas. Alvarez pounced on him and punched him with punches until the referee pulled him out, what a great fight!

This fight was more than the height of exaggeration. The two men went hand in hand for 14 minutes until one of them fell. Álvarez suffered serious damage along the way, particularly on his right cheek and battered legs, but he did everything to do what no other man had been able to do to date in professional mixed martial arts (MMA): Defeat Gaethje. [19659007] And not only hit, but stopped the former Lightweight champion of the World Series of Wrestling (WSOF). It was impressive.

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