Responding to critics, the Vatican has clarified Pope Francis’ new encyclopedia that addresses both men and women

“Fratoli Tutti,” the title of Pope Francis’ new encyclopedia, must be equated with both men and women, the Vatican said today in a front-page editorial in L’Soveretario Romano, in its daily newspaper “An Encyclopedia for All Brothers” And sisters. ”

The editorial clarifies that the encyclopedia “addresses the goodness of all its sisters and brothers, all men and women who populate the earth: everyone, inclusive and by no means exclusive.”


The editorial in L’Osservatore Romano was a reaction to the title competition by many in the Anglophone world.

The editorial was written by many in the Anglophone world, and especially in the United States to answer the title’s discussion and contest, where the title “Frattally Tootie” referred only to men, with some decrypting it As a misdemeanor. The discussion reached a high level in the Vatican, and the decision was made to clear up any doubts about the Pope’s intentions.

In an editorial written by Vatican News editorial director Andrea Tornelli, Pope Francis chose the title “Fratelli Tutti”. They are the first words in the encyclopedia, “A direct quote from St. Francis (taken from)” admonitions, 6, 1: ff. 155) and the Pope has not apparently changed it. “However, it was emphasized that” the creation of the title in any way intended to exclude women, that is, more than half of the human race. ”

It added that Pope Francis “chose the words of the Saint of Assisi, so that he could focus on caring deeply (brotherhood and social friendship). So he would give all his sisters and brothers, all men and women Addresses, who will populate the Earth: everyone, inclusive and by no means exclusive. ”

“The original Italian title will be used, without translation, in all languages ​​in which the document is published.”

The Vatican editorial states that “the original Italian title will be used, without being translated, in all the languages ​​in which the document is published.”

It confirmed that Pope Francis would sign the encyclopedia addressing the “whole of humanity” at the tomb of St. Francis in Assisi on October 3. It will be released on Sunday (October 4) at noon on October 4. Feast of St. Francis of Assisi.

Noting that “we live in a time marked by war, poverty, migration, climate change, economic crisis, epidemics,” the Vatican editorial states, “Brother and sister to meet everyone and for Christians, Jesus Recognizing the face of. ” In the second one who is suffering… confirms the irrational dignity of every human person created in the image of God. “It said that this identification of others as brothers and sisters also reminds us that no person can ever emerge from existing difficulties, against each other, against a global north, against a global south, against the poor. Except rich or any other discrimination against. “

It remembered that on March 27, at the height of the epidemic, Pope Francis prayed, in an empty St. Peter’s Square, “for the salvation of all” and told the world, “In this storm, the whistleblowers of the conservatives with whom we Sieve your ego, always worrying about our image, has gone away, exposing once more (blessed) to which the common are related to which we cannot deprive: as brothers and sisters Our relation. ”

The editorial states that it is a “normal relationship” that “makes us brothers and sisters”, “the central theme of the forthcoming papi letter.” It explained that “brotherhood and social friendliness, the subjects indicated in the subtitle, indicate that unites men and women: a necessary affection between people even if blood relatives do not harbor … other humans. Indifferent affection for, regardless of any difference. Or affiliation. “For this reason, it is stated,” There can be no misunderstanding or exclusive reading of a universal and inclusive title. Fratelli Tutti. “