Researchers say young Utah population prevents COVID-19 death

SALT LAKE CITY – Utah’s relatively young population may help prevent COVID-19 deaths in the Gulf.

According to data from the Utah Department of Health, the highest percentage of the population in Utah is still found in a population of 25 to 44, but they are not dying from it. In Utah, deaths from viruses are more easily occurring in people over 65 years of age and especially in those over 85 years of age.

Chem C of Utah. “COVID-19 is particularly fatal for the elderly,” a report released Wednesday from the University of Gardner Policy states. Mortality rates, the analysis continues, “show a rapid increase with age, as is common for mortality.”

Utah, however, has one of the lowest per capita mortality rates in the country, but according to reports, the youngest age is also 31.3. The average age in the United States is 38.4.

Research indicates that if Utah’s average age was close to the national average, the state’s COVID-19 death rate would increase 50% to 10.1 per 100,000 people. Conversely, if the nation’s age structure was the same as in Utah, there could be one-third fewer deaths across America.

According to the Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center, the US has experienced the highest number of deaths in the world due to 150,000 coronoviruses on Wednesday.

In Utah, 292 people have died so far from the virus and its complications.

Six new deaths

Another six deaths occurred in Utah on Wednesday, as well as 339 new COVID-19 cases involving positive antigen tests, bringing the total number of infections to 39,194 in Utah, of which approximately 26,643 cases are now likely to be recovered.

The rolling seven-day average for positive tests is 511 per day, with a 9.8% positivity rate. Utah Village. Gary Herbert has challenged Utah to reduce the rolling average to 500 by August.

Four of those killed in the new report are from Salt Lake County, including two men, over 85 and one in 65 and 84; And two women, both aged between 65 and 84. Two men and one woman were residents of long-term care facilities at the time of his death. A Utah County man between the ages of 45 and 64 died due to a long-term care facility. And a Weber County man between 65 and 84 was hospitalized at the time of his death.

As of Wednesday, 208 in Utah were hospitalized with COVID-19, accounting for about 70% of all beds in intensive care units.

The state has tested 518,191 people for coronavirus.

The majority of the state falls under the low-risk or yellow category, although Herbert has stated that color-coded guidance refers more to economic status than to individual risk of illness. Salt Lake City is still designated as an orange or medium risk category. Public health systems require public face coverings in Salt Lake, Summit and Grand Counties.

Some more rural areas of the state, where social disturbances are usually prevalent, have gone green and have fewer restrictions than the rest of the state, although COVID-19 has so far been confirmed in these areas There are also cases.

Herbert updated the state’s guidelines this week, allowing restaurants to operate on a 24-hour basis, as well as opening buffet-style meals.

Utah county request

The Governor has issued an order to students, teachers, staff and visitors to wear masks inside public schools when they open in the coming weeks.

Many Utah County residents have expressed dissatisfaction with the school’s mandate and hoped to address the rule during a Utah County Commission meeting on Wednesday. However, the subject was dropped from the agenda, as it was incorrectly added. People were taking up arms in action, also expressing concern about how the mandate violates their rights and the rights of their children.

The commission does not have the authority to make changes to the state-wide public health system. Commissioner Bill Lee gave the region’s public health director a letter in which he asked the state to “seek permission for a compassionate exemption for the one-size-fits-all mandate,” he said ahead of the regular meeting Wednesday.

Lee, however, said he would continue wearing a mask, where social disturbances are not possible.

The Gardner Policy Institute report suggests that mask use and other preventive measures have contributed to Utah’s low COVID-19-related mortality. This report attributes the state’s age discrepancy to a quarter of its mortality compared to other states, which also play a role in the prevention, response, and treatment of highly infectious viruses.

Summit success

The Summit County Health Department reported on Wednesday that its mask is mandatory, in fact, new COVID-19 cases have decreased since it was implemented on July 10.

Summit County Health Director Drs. Rich Bullow said, “The data are clear: face covering reduces the prevalence of COVID-19 in our communities.” “Our economic and health outlook for fall and winter is much more favorable if we can sustain this trend through community effort.”

He said the county’s “efforts are clearly paying off.”

Regardless of any state experienced at the onset of this epidemic, Yu’s report states that “the number is steadily increasing.”

Herbert has decided against a statewide facade mandate, stating that local courts have the best option for their constituents. He also said that he relies on Uthons “to do the right thing” by choosing to wear a mask.

The report states, “If we are not careful, Utah may be on the verge of a death wave that could eventually overtake the pattern seen for a rival or America. Employment and volunteers form in the state” In metrics like fractions go well as Utah leaders and residents work to make those metrics successful.

The report states, “In this public health crisis, our results will depend largely on how Utahns respond wisely to the guidance of experts who have the training and expertise to deal with the epidemic.” Preventing tracing cases and outbreaks and implementing other proven public health measures will “help Utah effectively withstand hurricanes.”

The latest stoppage of Utah cases, hospitals and deaths by the health district:

  • Salt Lake County, 18,575; 1,207 hospitalizations; 166 deaths.
  • Utah County, 7,483; 353 hospitalizations; 32 deaths.
  • Southwestern Utah, 2,827; 157 hospitalization; 24 death.
  • Davis County, 2,819; 160 hospitalizations; 12 killed.
  • Weber-Morgan, 2,480; 152 hospitalization; 25 deaths.
  • Bear River (Box Elder, Cash, Rich), 2,113; 87 hospitalizations; 5 deaths.
  • Summit County, 679; 52 hospitalizations; 1 death.
  • San Juan County, 596; 76 hospitalizations; 22 killed.
  • Wasatch County, 522; 20 hospitalizations; 4 deaths.
  • Vallele County, 518; 26 hospitalizations; 0 died.
  • Central Utah, 357; 20 hospitalizations; 1 death.
  • Tricounty (Uinta Basin), 146; 8 hospitalizations; 0 died.
  • Southeast Utah, 79; 6 hospitalizations; 0 died.

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