Researchers report that the long lost space of the sun may be in deep space

The Sun, the center of the Solar System, continues to fascinate researchers and NASA has sent a probe to “touch” the massive star. However, a new study suggests that it may be long-lost twins.

This research, published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters, suggests that traces of the Sun’s “temporary binary companion” have been spotted in the Oort cloud, described by NASA as “the farthest region of our solar system.”

“The previous model has had difficulty producing the expected ratio between scattered disk objects and external Oort cloud objects,” the study’s author Amir Siraj said in a statement. “The binary capture model provides significant improvements and refinements, which is clearly evident in retrospect: most sun-like stars originate with binary peers.”

The artist’s concept of a potential solar companion, which theorists believe was developed in the Sun’s birth cluster and was subsequently lost. If proven, the solar companion theory would give added credibility to the theories that we see today that the Oort cloud was formed, and that the planet Nine was occupied rather than formed in place. Sincerely: M. Weiss

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The Oort cloud is also ahead of the Kuiper Belt, an area where NASA has discovered the mysterious arachoth. It is also a place where Pluto lives, due to which it was reclassified and lost its planetary position.

It is believed to be a “massive spherical shell” that surrounds the rest of the Solar System and is made up of icy pieces of space debris, some of which NASA says are “shaped by mountains and sometimes Can grow up. ” It is also believed to contain billions of space objects, perhaps trillions.

According to the researchers, the sun is the cause of the long lost twins due to the abundance of objects in the Oort cloud.

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“Co-author Avi Loeb said,” Binary systems are more efficient at capturing objects than single strings. “If the Oort cloud was formed, it would mean that the sun has, in fact, a companion of a similar mass, which was lost before the sun left the clusters of its birth.”

Given the size and scope of the Oort Cloud, it is also possible to find the mysterious Planet Nine, which has yet to be discovered, but is thought to have existed.

“If [Vera C. Rubin Observatory] Sina states that the planet nines, and confirms the existence of a captured core, and similarly traces the population of dwarf planets, then favors the long-held stellar history of binary models long assumed Will go.

Vera c. The Rubin Observatory was launched in early 2021.

A fictional planet described as the “missing link to the solar system”, Planet Nine (also known as Planet X) has been part of the lexicon for many years, first noted in 2014 . It was reintroduced in 2016, when Caltech astrophysicists Mike Brown and Konstantin Batygin first wrote about it.


If the sun had a companion that helped create the early solar system, we would likely never find it, the researchers conceded.

Loeb explained, “Their gravitational effect would have caused the companion to be removed from the sun by passing stars in the star of the birth.” “Before the loss of the binary, however, the solar system must have already occupied its outer envelope of objects, namely the Oort Cloud and Planet Nine populations.”

“Suraj’s long-lost companion can now be anywhere in the Milky Way,” Siraj said.

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