Researchers looking for any clue & # 39; in the search for the missing child of North Carolina enters the third day


Authorities searching for a missing child in North Carolina are asking residents to search their property for something "out of the ordinary" in the hope that someone will present information that will take them to the girl.

Onslow County Sheriff Hans Miller urged the public to thoroughly check their properties for "any clues," including wooded areas or "dependencies," such as sheds or barns.

"Citizens know what fits and what does not fit," he told a news conference on Wednesday. "No information is too small or insignificant."

  PHOTO: Mariah Woods, 3, was reported missing in her home in North Carolina on November 27, 2017. FBI
Mariah Woods, 3 years old, was missing from her home in North Carolina, on November 27. 2017.

Mariah Woods, 3, disappeared from her home in Jacksonville, North Carolina, after her mother put her to bed on Sunday night, said Mariah's mother, Kristy Woods, according to WCTI , affiliate of North Carolina. The authorities did not confirm those details to protect the integrity of the investigation, they said during a press conference on Tuesday.

The authorities also request that anyone who has spoken with Mariah's immediate family on Sunday or Monday contact the sheriff's office. Researchers have already conducted more than 100 interviews and followed about 140 tracks since Mariah was reported missing on Monday morning, Miller said.

Researchers from local, state and federal agencies are currently on the third day of their search to find Mariah, looking for hundreds of acres in Onslow County on foot and in the air, Miller said.

Diving teams were observed searching for water near the trailer where Mariah's family lives.

"At this time, more than 225 investigators, agents and other law enforcement employees are working around the clock with one goal in mind," Miller said. "That goal is to find Mariah and bring her back home … and we want to take her home safe and sound."

During the night, police released a surveillance video taken at a Walmart in North Carolina on Monday morning showing the image of a woman and a child. Miller said Wednesday afternoon that the pair is not related to the investigation.

Miller believes that Mariah's disappearance is an isolated incident.

"We do not believe there is a need to put a warning of danger at this point," Miller said. "We think it was focused."

  PHOTO: Mariah Woods, 3, has been missing since November 27, 2017, after disappearing from her home in Jacksonville, NC FBI
Mariah Woods, 3, has been missing since the 27th November 2017. After disappearing from his home in Jacksonville, North Carolina

Investigators interviewed Kristy Woods, as well as her boyfriend directly, WCTI reported. In an emotional plea, Kristy Woods pleaded that whoever took her "baby" to "please bring her back."

"She is my everything," he said. "Just to be able to touch her, to hold her and not let her go again, I would give anything."

Mariah's biological father expressed skepticism about his daughter's disappearance when he spoke with WCTI.

"Four people in the house, two adults and two children, does someone just come and snatch a baby and leave?" I ask.

ABC News Rachel Katz contributed to this report.

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