Researchers found who is smarter between cats and dogs (Study) • Council Chronicle –

Researchers found who is smarter between cats and dogs (Study) • Council Chronicle


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It turns out that dogs are smarter than cats

A team of researchers from Vanderbilt University could have finally found the answer to a heated debate between owners of cats and dog owners. They managed to count the number of neurons present in the brains of dogs and cats, and discovered that dogs have more of them, which means they are smarter.

Dogs have more neurons than cats

People have always wondered who is smarter between cats and dogs, with each supporter claiming that their pet is superior. Now, the researchers managed to develop a method of counting neurons that could tell how much brain matter each species has. The results showed a number of 530 million neurons in the cerebral cortex of dogs, compared to 250 million in cats.

Neurons are responsible for the processing of information, while the cerebral cortex uses this information from all kinds of fields, making connections and decisions. Therefore, the more neurons are present in the cerebral cortex, the more intelligent the species is. As a comparison, the researchers offered the example of humans and gorillas.

A greater number of neurons correlates with a higher degree of intelligence

Humans have twice as many neurons as gorillas. This allows us to make the same comparison with cats and dogs, where dogs have twice as many neurons as cats. Therefore, this is the clearest evidence that dogs are smarter than cats, because they are more flexible in thinking, can make predictions and make decisions.

Researchers not only studied the brains of dogs and cats. They also observed the number of neurons and the size of the cerebral cortex of a lion, raccoon, ferret and many others. This is how they discovered that size is not necessarily proportional to the number of neurons. A dog had many more neurons than a lion, bear or hyena, even if these creatures had a much larger cerebral cortex.

The study on cats and dogs is scheduled for publication in the journal Frontiers of Neuroanatomy .
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