Researchers discover molecular link between diet and cancer risk

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An international team of researchers has identified a direct molecular link between meat and dairy diets and the development of antibodies in the blood that increase the likelihood of developing cancer. This connection may explain the high incidence of cancer in those consuming dairy products and red meat, similar to the link between high cholesterol and increased risk of heart disease.

The study was led by George S. Wise Faculty of Life Sciences of Tel Aviv University, Dr. Schumannis of the School of Biomedicine and the Department of Cell Research and Immunology of Cancer Research. Weird Paddler-Karwani did it. The research results were published on September 23, 2020. BMC Medicine.

Neu5Gc is a sugar molecule found in the tissues of mammals but not in chicken or fish. When children are first exposed to dairy and meat products, humans develop antibodies to Neu5Gc in infancy. While it is known that these antibodies increase the risk of cancer, especially colorectal cancer, no direct association has been found between antibodies and meat and dairy consumption.

For the study, the researchers used samples from a comprehensive national nutrition survey conducted in NutriNet-Sant√©, France. Salam Bashir, a Ph.D. Dr. Students in Paddler-Karwani’s lab, along with other team members, measured the amount of New Glucose in a variety of dairy and meat foods in the French diet and calculated the daily New Glucose intake of 19,621 adults over the age of 18 , All of whom reported their food intake online over a period of several days.

The research team then took a representative sample of 120 participants and tested anti-N5GC antibody levels in their blood.

Based on these findings and the amount of Neu5Gc sugar in various food products from France, Drs. Padler-Karwani and his team created an index, called the Gesmic Index. This index ranks foods whose excessive intake can increase antibodies – and possibly increase cancer risk.

“We found a significant correlation between high consumption of neuro 5Gc from red meat and cheese and increased the development of antibodies that increase the risk of cancer,” Dr. Says Paddler-Karwani. “Efforts have been made to find such a connection over the years, but none has done. Here, for the first time, we explore molecular links to the accuracy of the methods used to measure antibodies in blood Were able to. Detailed data from the French Diet Questionnaire. ”

Dr. Paddler-Karwani said that this combination of methods allowed researchers to predict that people who eat very high amounts of red meat and cheese will develop higher levels and different types of antibodies, and therefore a higher risk for cancer May occur – specifically colorectal cancer, but also other cancers.

Sugar molecule Neu5Gc increases red meat consumption and cancer risk in mice

more information:
Salam Bashir et al, Association for Neuro 5 g Carbohydrates and Serum Antibodies Against It Provides Molecular Links to Cancer: French Nutrienet-Saint Study, BMC Medicine (2020). DOI: 10.1186 / s12916-020-01721-8

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