Research suggests that necked gators can block COVID-19 like a mask.

According to new research, as suggested by previous studies, neck gaiters only work together with masks in preventing the spread of COVID-19, despite suggesting otherwise.

Researchers at Virginia Tech found that roll-up face gear blocked 100 percent larger particles from another person’s sneeze or cough, according to KYR News.

Scientists said that wearing protection protects up to 90 percent of larger particles from being trapped, as well as 50 percent of superfine particles – largely with cloth face masks.

During the unpublished research project, which is not peer reviewed, scientists used structural models and spray bottles to test the effectiveness of both forms of facial wear.

The researchers said, “Neck guitars provide similar performance to other fabric masks that we tested on Manikin.”

The findings have been blamed in front of a study by Duke University, published last month in Science Advance, that infectious droplets can be spread more easily by focusing on the neck sheath.

In that case, the researchers found that they could actually cause more infectious particles to enter the wearer’s mouth and mouth and nose, causing them to be called “repulsive”.

The study measured the effectiveness of 14 types of facial wear using laser beam technology.