Rescue ship full of migrants heading to Sicily

The humanitarian organization SOS Mediterranean said that a rescue vessel carrying 422 migrants went to the port in Sicily on Sunday after receiving permission from the government of Ocean Viking Italy.

According to search and rescue coordinator Louisa Alberta, the migrants were rescued by the vessel in four expeditions over a period of two days. Alberta said a pregnant woman and another man accompanying her were evacuated from Malta’s helicopter the day before, the Associated Press reported.

Eight of them have tested positive for coronavirus and are in isolation, according to the organization.

“But although strict COVID-19 mitigation protocols apply to Ocean Viking, it is a vessel 69 meters (228 ft) in length,” Alberta said, according to AP. “This situation is another reason for the remaining 422 survivors, who are in limited space on the aft deck, to be immediately displaced to their place of safety,” she said.

Italian authorities have begun transferring passengers on rescue ships to other ships to quarantine upon arrival during the epidemic, according to AP. The latest wave of migrants arriving in Italy is primarily evaluated as economic migrants rather than surviving war or political persecution, which renders them ineligible for asylum.

Meanwhile, many other migrants entering Italy from the Balkan lands have been returned to both Italy and Slovenia according to AP. Pope FrancisPope ship, which is filled with migrants to Sicily, the pope has named two women to the ranks of the Vatican which are held by men. Thousands rally against the coup in Myanmar Sunday specifically called for humanitarian aid for the uninhibited minors, saying that when they recently learned of the plight of those on the Balkan route, “there are many … on all routes.”

“Work so that these fragile and defenseless creatures do not lack careful care and preferential human channels,” continued the pontiff, according to AP.