Republicans who applaud Trump’s executive orders now think of Biden’s ‘record number’

Over the past week, a growing number of Republicans began to sound the alarm about the number and content of executive orders being issued by President Biden.

“First week in office, which has Biden done?” “An executive order has been signed over scrapping the Keystone pipeline, destroying 11,000 jobs,” he said in an interview Tuesday on Fight News, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas.

“The scale of B. Biden’s executive orders and his influence on Americans is large,” Sen. Cotton, R-Ark.

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., Destroyed Biden to release Biden more executive fiat than anyone in such a short time. More than Obama, more than Trump, more than anyone. Secondly, these are not just general executive fiat, it is literally going down the left-hand wish list and examining them all. “

Ray Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., Has been particularly vocal in her opposition to Biden’s executive orders.

Biden is actually on a record-setting pace for executive orders, signing more than 40 of them in his first week in office. However, most wrote to reverse his predecessor, Donald Trump. They have included travel restrictions for some majority-Muslim countries, reversal of Trump’s immigrant enforcement policies, the restoration of the Paris Climate Agreement, the cancellation of permits for the Keystone XL pipeline and the end of the prohibition policy. From serving transgender people to the US military.

After years of complaints that former President Barack Obama had used executive orders around the stale Congress, Republicans were silent when Trump did the same. Not surprisingly, Trump’s executive orders gained momentum after Democrats removed control of the House of Representatives, blocking their chances of passing legislation. By the time his term ended, Trump had signed 220 executive orders in a single term. In comparison, Obama signed 276 on two of his terms. From a historical point of view, Franklin D. Both pale in comparison to the 3,721 issued by Roosevelt in his 12 years in office, although the nature of the orders, and the debate over whether they were better suited to legislate Congress, has also changed over time. Roosevelt’s most consequential initiatives, including Social Security and most New Deal programs, were enacted by law.

Biden, who was evenly divided with the US Senate, took office and the debate intensified on whether Democrats should end the Senate filibuster to implement their agenda, with a barrage of presidential executive orders from Democrats and Republicans Blasphemy is predicted.

President Biden signs executive orders on Tuesday. (Via Mandy Ngan / AFP Getty Image)

But when Trump signed his own executive orders with Sharp, criticism from members of his own party was difficult to detect.

In May, Cruz issued a statement praising Trump for his executive order seeking to amend a federal law protecting tech companies to sue them for their users’ positions.

“This executive order is an important approval that we can no longer unregister to Big Tech,” Cruz said.

When Trump signed a 2017 executive order reversing an EPA clean water regulation, Cotton applauded him.

“President Trump promised America’s farmers that he would relieve them of the regulatory assault of the last eight years, and that’s a good way,” Cotton said in a statement.

Rubio responded to Trump’s executive order barring Chinese telecommunications company Huawei from selling equipment in the US, saying the president was “entitled to a huge debt.”

“I strongly support the President’s executive order denying export privileges against Huawei and Secretary Ross’s decision,” Rubio said in a statement.

When Trump signed an order in September, it is imperative for hospitals in the US to provide life-saving medical care to severely premature infants, those born with disabilities, or those with late abortions Survivors, Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La. Issued a statement “President Trump’s executive order taking further decisive action to protect life.”

A bill to fulfill the same had failed in Congress.


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