Republicans tear in Josh Hawley to oppose Biden Win certification

Republican Rep. Denver Riggleman of Virginia called Missouri GOP Senator Josh Hawley’s decision to declare the results of the Electoral College vote “horrific” during Monday’s appearance on MSBC.

Presidential election Joe Biden won both the popular and electoral votes in the November election. But President Donald Trump has baselessly alleged that widespread election fraud led to Biden’s victory, and has encouraged Republicans in Congress to challenge the official count of electoral votes, which would confirm Biden’s victory. Hawley is the first senator to announce that he will challenge the vote. Riggleman said Wednesday that Republicans elected to join Hawkley’s efforts could do so for political reasons.

“For them politically it can be great for their base, for their fundraising, for that kind of stuff but, nationally, it’s terrible,” Riggleman told MSNBC. “I find it amazing that right now we have Republicans who are really objecting to federalism and want to overthrow this or this type of ‘throw out electoral voters, let’s ignore the states, we’ve already It is banned and we move forward. “And the only thing I can say is that it’s crazy.”

Riggleman alleged that Hawley decided to go with the electoral vote challenge because he “may have talked to some individuals who thought that his fundraising might be too much if he wanted to do something like that.”

Newsweek Reaches Hawley’s office for comment.

Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley became the first GOP senator to announce that he would challenge President-elect Joe Biden’s victory at Electoral College in January.
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In a statement released on Wednesday, Hawley said that he “could not vote to certify the Electoral College on January 6, without exacerbating the fact that some states, notably Pennsylvania, have their own state election laws” Failed to comply. ” Hawley also said that corporations, including Facebook and Twitter, interfered in Biden’s favor in the November election.

“At the very least, Congress should investigate allegations of voter fraud and adopt measures to secure the integrity of our elections,” Hawley said. “But the Congress has so far failed to take action.”

Democrats have strongly condemned Hawley’s decision. In a Wednesday appearance on CNN, Maryland Democrat Senator Chris Van Hollen called Hawley’s choice “extremely irresponsible.”

Van Hallen said that Hawley was “undermining even more public confidence in our democratic process, siding with the Trump narrative that there was an election somehow, you know, by deception that Biden won and he What he has done now is thrown for a vote. ” In the House and Senate. “

Republicans challenging the electoral vote are unlikely to overturn the election in favor of Trump. If a challenge is presented, MPs can take up to two hours to debate the vote while delaying the vote count. After being amalgamated, the Congress will vote on whether to allow the contested results. Both the House and Senate must agree on the final decision.

Taking objection to the number of congressional electoral votes could be one of Trump’s final avenues to retain the presidency. However, members of Trump’s legal team have promised to file a lawsuit on their behalf until inauguration day.

In a statement released in December, Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and legal adviser Jenna Ellis said they would “continue to champion election integrity until legal and fair and accurate votes are counted.”

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