Republicans fear disaster in November

Republicans are privately afraid of the worst possible outcome in November, one that could leave them without the White House or next year without a majority in either chamber of Congress.

House Republicans face many, almost insurmountable hurdles: a cash crunch against the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, 27 retired lawmakers and a Republican National Committee focused on over-focusing President TrumpDonald John Trumplinklen Project Advertisement Dubbers Jared Kushner ‘Secretary of Failure’ Pence: Chief Justice Roberts ‘Disappointed Conservatives’ Trump Campaign on Twitter Until It Removes COVID-19 Misinformation Tweet . And the defense of the Senate GOP majority. He also needs to take a net 17 seats to win back the House.

Although Republicans noted that the political landscape seems to change by the day, some are expressing a growing sense of doom.

“If the election were to take place today, we would have lost the House, Senate and White House,” a Republican source said.

Many GOP lawmakers have warned that the party would face a heavy defeat on election day if Trump did not begin to unleash punches for the former president Joe BidenPresidents of Joe Bidengoop have alleged they are spreading disinformation with the Biden investigation. Trump kicks Biden out in July, overtaking Arab for cycle, Which has a strong leadership in the elections of both national and major battleground states.

“this is the problem: [Trump] It allows for holding a referendum on itself; You cannot do this in a competitive race, ”said a GOP MP.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthyKevin Owen McCarthy Getz prepares to support fellow Florida primary opponent, GOP MLA Bass honors US Communist Party leader for disrespectful remarks, don’t let Trump distract us from the real threat of his presidency (R-California.), Which was less pessimistic, predicted that Trump would gain momentum with more focus on Biden’s policy goals.

McCarthy said in an interview, “The quicker this campaign is the opposite of what Biden wants to do,” the faster the race “the tighter it is.”

House minority whip Steve ScaliseStephen (Steve) Joseph Scalisegate prepares to endorse Florida’s major rival GOP jurist Hillkin Valley: Trump endorses potential Microsoft, Ticktok deal, deadline September. House Republicans request classified TikTok briefings | The Facebook label classified Pelosi video top house republicans and requested to categorize Ticktock briefing more (R-La.) Said: “There has never been a clear opposite in terms of the president who successfully built the economy. And then COVID happened and now we need to rebuild the economy again – more so than Donald Trump There is no one better to do. ”

Republicans are hoping that when Trump will have the opportunity to debate Biden personally, his luck may change, though some said privately that it was more because he thinks the gaff-prone Biden will be Trump’s Will help swing things in direction.

“President Trump has always done very well in debate,” McCarthy said. “They are reducing him.”

But Trump’s unbiased vision for a possible second term made it difficult for GOP candidates to tell voters what they would get if they side with Republicans. And many voters don’t like what they’ve already seen, especially when it comes to the Trump administration’s handling of coronoviruses.

Some GOP lawmakers who spoke to The Hill acknowledged that the president has failed to inject much-needed urgency into his epidemic response, despite the US infection number reaching 5 million with nearly 160,000 dead.

“People are looking for reassurance … Anarchy did a fantastic job in 2016, [but] They don’t want it in 2020, ”said a GOP MP. “They want to know that we are relying on the questions of science and doctors and they want to know what we are going to do through it. There needs to be more FDR fireside chat and less Jerry Springer knockdown. ”

Trump’s rhetoric has removed a significant voting temptation that Republicans have tried to attract: suburban women. The president’s recent attack on Deborah Birks, a key member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, did not help in that effort.

“Conservative women want to see sympathy and compassion and do not like being mean. We are actually treating poorly married, white women. “I don’t understand DeBoro Birks’ attack at all – not politically and not morally.”

Republicans who are trying to bring those voters to court also face a funding challenge. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the campaign arm for House Democrats, leveraged $ 33 million on the National Republican Congressional Committee in late June, making it harder for GOP candidates to convey their message to voters.

Some Republicans also see Trump dissuading elderly voters from frequent attacks on mail-in voting. His supporters say he may have been hurt for a long time, which usually skew Republicans, is at high risk of contracting Kovid-19 and is more likely to vote by mail.

On Tuesday, the president reversed his stance on mail-in voting, most notably in Florida’s battleground, where he encouraged voters to cast their ballots by post.

Still, Republican candidates are worried that they will be weighed on other issues where Trump is seen working step by step with the general public.

Trump’s reaction to subsequent protests has been a concern for Republicans, with race relations at the forefront of national discussion following the May 25 murder of George Floyd, a black man killed in Minneapolis police custody.

The Republic was devastated when Trump refused, in an interview with Axios, to accept the legacy of the late civil rights icon Rape. John lewisPolice began removing states’ Confederate statues of the Capitol with John Lewis More on his two rare moments after criticism about police showing a ‘kindergarten coop’ at the John Lewis Oregon Drive-In Cansil. (D-Ga.). Instead, the president commented on how Georgia congressmen left their inauguration.

“It’s all about COVID and race [relations], And it’s all just personality and it has to be managed. [Trump’s] Got to show compassion and he’ll be fine. This is the challenge – they are all variable, ”said a GOP legislator.

Three sources expressed optimism that a coronovirus vaccine could be approved in early October, which he said could be Trump’s “October surprise” and boost him in elections.

Some Republican lawmakers say Trump is not second to claims in the election, like 2016; Rather, he thinks he will soon describe the Trump campaign in headlines over the next few weeks.

Even those who expressed skepticism about the president winning in November argue that there is a hidden percentage of Trump voters who do not appear in the election.

“I think it’s important,” said a House GOP MP. “You have 1.8 million Trump voters across the country who didn’t come out of this cycle in the midterm.”

However, many people do not need to see that compared to Capitol Hill that the election is not looking good for the GOP.

A Republican source pointed to a fierce fight in the House between the Republican convention president late last month Liz CheneyElizabeth (Liz) Lynn Chennigt set to support her fellow Florida major rival GOP lawmaker House. The GOP insists on Trump changing the election date, the Cheney fight raises questions about the future of the House GOP. (Wyo.) And a group of conservative lawmakers as evidence of that.

“We are the best evidence for 2020, for 2020 it is jockeying which is already underway,” the source said.