Republicans called her video ‘horrifying’ and ‘disgusting’. But they are doing little to stop him.

POLITICO reported in June that Greene had posted hours of Facebook videos making racist, Islamophobic and anti-Jewish remarks – claiming that black people are “slaves of the Democratic Party”, and George Soros, a Jew The Democratic Megadonor is a Nazi.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said in June – through his spokesman Drew Florio – that he found those comments “horrifying”, and that he “had no tolerance for them.” But Florio said last week that McCarthy remains neutral and is letting the primary process play out – a stance that likely does not signal donors or groups outside.

Rep. Buddy Carter (R-Ga) said, “This is race and the kind of situation where you need those groups.” “So often, they are only involved when they have someone they are trying to get in. But I think it’s just as important that they are involved when someone is out Is trying to get out. “

The lack of intervention from national Republicans – despite Green’s own public rebellion – has frustrated and upset the GOP lawmakers, strategists and donors, who worry that Green’s victory would be a black eye for the party at one point in time. Are also struggling with the national count. On racial inequality.

And it will lessen the impact of the party’s successful efforts in June by GOP Representative Steve King (R-Iowa), a member with a long history of racist remarks. If Greene, a vocal statute conspiracy theorist and businessman, earns the party’s nomination in a deeply conservative district in northwestern Georgia, he is almost guaranteed to win a seat in the House.

“I have been very involved in the John Cowan race. I have pushed House Leadership to join without any success, ”added a GOP jurist who was granted anonymity to discuss sensitive internal matters.

McCarthy’s reluctance – which could face a leadership challenge when Trump lands in November – underscores the tough position leadership has to take on in the contest: while it seeks to distance the party from Green with controversial views, it also Hard-line conservatives don’t want to alienate voters who are a major part of Trump’s base in the election.

And it’s not just Green’s race that has shaken House GOP operatives. Rape Doug Collins (R-Ga.) Primary Runoff Area for Neighbor The open seat includes state Rep. Matt Gertler, who was engulfed in flames after being photographed with a man with white supremacist ties. But that race, which also takes place on Tuesday, has seen outside spending crowds by various PACs.

The GOP leadership and the party’s campaign hands typically don’t play in the primaries, and it can be risky to take a shot at a fellow Republican and miss: Liz Cheney, recent GOP convention president Caught fire Some house Freedom Caucus members and other Trump allies to support another opponent for Rep. Thomas Massey (R-Q), who harassed Trump’s most loyal house foot soldiers. Cheney – who was one of the most vocal Republicans in calling for King to step down – later revived support for Massey’s primary opponent following previous racist tweets from the candidate.

When it comes to the matchup between Green and Cowan, GOP lawmakers and strategists believe outside help can easily tip the scales. While Greene won the first round of the primary in June by a margin of 19 points, the race has tightened up in the following weeks: an internal Cowan campaign poll from late July tied between him and Greene Race was seen.

According to a media-tracking source, Cowan turned Green on TV into $ 50,000, and outscored him by a margin of about 4 to 1 in July, towards a well-run campaign Points out.

In an interview, Cowan stated the outcome of the runoff in dire words, warning that a victory for Green would endanger Republican candidates, whom the ballot from the House Battleground in suburban Atlanta to Georgia for his comments above and below Will have to answer. The November vote saw two Senate contests.

“I want to win this race,” he said. “But more than that I want to protect the Republican Party. He is an opponent of the Republican Party. And he’s not conservative – he’s crazy. “

And he warned that Democrats could use their comments to fundraise for their candidates. “She deserves a YouTube channel, not a seat in Congress. It is a circus act, ”Cowan said.

Green’s campaign did not respond to a candidate’s interview request for this story. Throughout the campaign, he cast Cowan as inadequate support for Trump as he donated to the former New Jersey government. Chris Christie in the 2016 presidential race. He is also accused of misrepresenting his role as a reserve deputy in the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office.

Following the racist Facebook video exposed by POLITICO, Green still has some high-profile support in Washington: He is supported by the House Freedom Fund, the political arm of the Freedom Caucus; Jim Jordan of Ohio, a top Trump aide; And White House chief Mark Meadows and his wife Debbie. When in charge of Georgia’s seat, Rep. Tom Graves announced his retirement, the Freedom Caucus encouraged Greene to give up his run in the competitive 6th District, where former GOP Representative Karen Hendell was returning, and open seat. Were running for According to sources familiar with the case, which was more conservative.

Green said in a recent interview with a local news station that he and McCarthy have spoken “several times since the Politico story was published”, and that they have a “great relationship”. She also claimed that McCarthy’s statement of condemnation – which was delivered by an employee – was just a “miscommunication”.

McCarthy’s spokesperson confirmed that he has “spoken on the phone with both Green and Cowan several times in recent weeks” and “has a good and productive relationship with both”, but made no comment on the veracity of Green’s statement .

Cowan described his communication with McCarthy as a “good conversation”, according to Carter. “Now, what happened after that, I don’t know,” Carter said.

But if Cowan expected cavalry, he never came.

In the absence of national intervention, a dozen members have worked to promote Cowan through public support, calling on his behalf or being involved in the events of his zoom campaign. That group includes Scalise, Carter and Reps. Drew Ferguson (R-Ga.), Austin Scott (R-Ga.), Rick Allen (R-Ga.), Greg Murphy (RN.C), Neil Dunn (R-Fla.), Phil Rowe (R-Tenn.), James Comer (R-Ky), Larry Bookshon (R-Ind.) And Mark Walker (RN). C.).

“John Cowan is a great candidate,” Carter said, but we are also very concerned about the other candidate. … and of course, I don’t want anyone to make that kind of comment in my conference. “

Following Greene’s earlier comments, Colaise, who immediately supported Cowan – whom he called “disgusting” – came to light, appearing in a virtual fundraiser for Cowan in late July. But no help has come in the form of major outside expenses.

According to sources, the former pastor, who is retiring this year after a court order, unsuccessfully attempted to convert his seat into a safe democratic constituency, lobbying the conservative club for development, sources familiar with the matter Is according to

The club considered playing in the race and voted, but eventually refused to support Cowan or Spending. (However, it is making a major investment in primary runoff for Gertler in the 9th District of Georgia.)

A new super PAC formed in June, dubbed a Great America PAC, and operatives behind the group cut Green casting a TV ad as a threat to Trump’s reunion. According to media purchasing sources the group reported spending $ 30,000 on media production – but only on cable bookings of $ 17,000.

Republicans in DC and Georgia have some signs of deteriorating political spending atmosphere. Donors are too distracted by Trump’s prevailing poll numbers and an uncertain Senate majority to pay attention to Congress’ primary runoff for a dark red seat – especially because it seems increasingly It is unlikely that Republicans will reclaim the majority, and McCarthy has not publicly indicated that Green should be stopped.

Some House Republicans are angry at the Freedom Caucus for raising Green House candidacy for the first time and think the group should have revoked their support. Rape only Jody Haise (R-Ga) publicly pulled her support; Jordan said in a brief statement that she disagreed with his comments.

If Green wins, it could create a headwind for the House GOP – and a constant stream of controversies. After defending white supremacy and white nationalism in an interview with The New York Times last year, Republican leaders had to take down the king of their committee’s work and formally reprimand the floor of the House.

Democrats are poised for Green’s victory and to air their controversial statements to Republican House candidates across the country – most notably Handel and Rich McCormick, running in an open battleground in the Atlanta suburban Huh. Green was donated by McCormick’s wife when she was running against Rep. Lucy McBath (D-Ga.) In the 6th District.

Avery Kaif, spokesman for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, said in a statement, “Marjorie Taylor Green is an extreme, far-flung voice, acknowledged by Republicans in Georgia such as Karen Hendel and Rich McCormick, and their views have a place in Congress Is not. ” “Georgia Republicans, and Republican candidates running across the country, have to answer for her hateful views in their own campaigns.”

And Green is already hinting that he has no interest in playing well with his potential future colleagues, doubling down on some of his most controversial comments, and Scalise and Cheney in their recent interview with a local news station Kicking out

“I was very surprised, especially when I was a racist and called that kind of stuff in the past,” Green Scale quoted a clear reference to a 2002 white Republican group of Louisiana Republicans. “Liz Cheney, I have never met or talked to her. I think it was unfortunate that they were pressurized, perhaps they were pressured to speak, perhaps by media persons, to make statements about me and they had not yet learned about me. “