Republican Senator Sasse criticizes GOP of Nebraska for “strange cult” of Trump after reprimand from state party

The Nebraska Republican Party formally “rebuked” Senator Ben Sasse (R-Nebraska) on Saturday for his vote to impeach former President Trump earlier this year, though it did not come to a formal censure, CNN reports.

Because it is important: Sasse is the latest in a list of Republicans who have faced some form of punishment from their state party apparatus after voting to impeach the former president. The senator responded to the statement Saturday, according to the Omaha World-Herald, saying that “most Nebraska don’t think politics should be about strange guy worship.”

The bottom line: “Senator Sasse’s conviction of President Trump and his support for President Trump’s impeachment have been used liberally several times by Democrats as justification for a truncated impeachment process that denied due process to the president,” the resolution said, according to CNN.

  • The party expressed “deep disappointment and sadness regarding Senator Ben Sasse’s service and calls for an immediate readjustment whereby he represents the people of Nebraska to Washington and not Washington to the people of Nebraska.”

Sasse was first reprimanded for the party in 2016, but was re-elected last fall with 63% of the vote, which is about 5 points more than Trump won in Nebraska.

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