Republican leaders break Biden’s first ‘hard to see’ presser

Republicans are criticizing President Biden after his first solo press conference on Thursday, with one senator calling the entire event “hard to watch.”

Several Republican lawmakers focused on the commander-in-chief’s comments on the border, specifically his blame for the immigration crisis on his predecessor, former President Trump.

“Thousands of children are making the dangerous journey through Central America because they believe President Biden will give them amnesty when they arrive in the United States,” said House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) tweeted along with the video by Biden answering a question about the increase in migrants.

“Given these facts, he flatly denies any responsibility. This is the Biden border crisis. “

Senator Ted Cruz (Republican of Texas) also focused his anger on Biden’s immigration comments, retweeting a video from the president who seems to hint in the press that he would not allow cameras in migrant facilities until after he had addressed the issues reporters wanted to see.

“Biden’s real transparency would be to immediately open Donna’s facility to the press that is at 1.556% capacity,” the border state senator wrote.

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham says
South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham says “the misinformation President Biden has given on immigration is staggering.”
AP Photo / Patrick Semansky

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), a former friend of the commander-in-chief from his Senate days, persecuted Biden on two fronts, criticizing his immigration policies while questioning his awareness of the crisis itself.

“With all due respect, this press conference is hard to watch. The misinformation President Biden offers on immigration is staggering. It is clear that he does not have the awareness of the situation that he needs to understand what is happening at the border or how to solve it, “he wrote in one of a series of tweets.

“What is sad is that President Biden does not understand the basics about the current dynamics at the border and the ‘pull’ factors of illegal immigration.” he continued.

The Senate Republican National Committee, the Republican campaign arm of the Senate led by Senator Rick Scott (R-Fla.), Tweeted a video of one of Biden’s many mistakes in the presser.

“I have never been particularly poor at figuring out how to get things done in the United States Senate. So the best way to do something, if you, if you are around and are loved by you, is that you wish you could do it, anyway, ”Biden said in the video, shutting off.

“@ JoeBiden’s Plan for America”, the NRSC wrote as a caption.

Representative Lauren Boebert (R-Co.) questioned why Reporters suddenly acted with decorum, after four years of raucous debates between then-President Donald Trump and the press.

Representative Lauren Boebert criticizes journalists for not scrutinizing President Joe Biden during his first press conference 65 days into his presidential term.
Representative Lauren Boebert criticizes journalists for not scrutinizing President Joe Biden during his first press conference 65 days into his presidential term.
Joe Raedle / Getty Images

“Where are not all the reporters interrupting him like they did with Trump for the last 4 years? It is almost as if the questions are written. It is a huge fraud and the American people know it, ”Colorado police wrote.

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer noted the lack of topics covered and the courtesy of members of the media chosen to participate in the press.

“The president answered 30 questions (including follow-ups) from 10 friendly reporters for 59 minutes who covered 5 topics.” Spicer tweeted.

Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany also noted the kindness of the reporters, writing on Twitter“From the beginning, the White House press corps has represented President Biden.

“It would have been nice if they had routinely shown that level of respect for President Trump.”


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