Representative Karen Bass promises to persist in police reform: “We have to keep pushing”

On Thursday the house passed George Floyd Police Justice Act with the support of all the democratic representatives and three republican legislators.

The bill, drafted by the Black Caucus of Congress, would end the doctrine of “qualified immunity” that protects police officers from trials and prohibits orders not to touch. But despite bipartisan support for the legislation in the House, the reform effort is unlikely to pass the Republican-controlled Senate and hit President Donald Trump’s desk.

Bass said he was unaware of any ongoing negotiations to advance the bill in the Senate, but expressed optimism that some Republican senators could be swayed.

“What I hope is that in the conversations I’m starting to have with my Republican colleagues in the House, they have their colleagues in the Senate, just like we are on the Democratic side,” Bass said. “And so I hope with those conversations that they can transfer some of their colleagues to the Senate.”

Bass has seen his national profile rise in recent weeks as he spearheaded the Democratic effort to overhaul the criminal justice system and address systemic racism in the police. His name has even been featured as potential career partner for Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate.

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