Representative Jim Jordan Hunter Biden calls for special counsel inquiry in email

Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, a special counsel to investigate the alleged revelations about Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings following reports of Hunter Biden’s last week’s bombings over President Trump’s call for Attorney General Bill Burr Asked to tap.

Jordan and a handful of House Republicans have reportedly urged Trump to appoint a special counsel to investigate “Biden” after seeking answers from FBI director Christopher Ray.

Rape Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., Ted Yoho, R-Fla and Andy Harris, R-MD. Also gave a letter to Brar, urging him to appoint a special counsel for further. Examine the 2020 Democratic candidate and his relationship to his son’s foreign business dealings.

“Let’s get the facts, let’s find out how much Joe Biden knew about this,” Jordan told “The Story” on Tuesday, because it certainly seems that Joe Biden misled the American people when He said, ‘Oh, I didn’t. I had a contact with Hunter Biden about my son … ‘It certainly sounds like he misled the entire country.

TRUMP URGES Baran has to apply for a business business deal

“Let’s look at the underside of what these people are saying now.”

Two senior administration officials told Fox News on Tuesday that the FBI is in possession of a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden, but declined to confirm or deny the existence of the investigation in the laptop or email.

Fox News also learned that FBI and Justice Department officials agreed with an assessment from National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe that the laptop was not part of a Russian disinfection campaign targeting Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Jordan Demand is ANSWERS WHETHER FBI, Investigating

“First of all, the people who said it was Russian disintegration, these are the same people who called us fake [Steele] Jordan was real … so I didn’t put a lot of stock in those, “Jordan said.” He has misled us for three and a half years in the entire Trump-Russia investigation.

“These are the same people now stating that the Russians are running some disruptive operations. Nobody is buying it.”

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Jordan said his office received “several calls over the weekend confirming that these emails are authentic” and later in Big Tech “for the highest number of people to censor this information from the American people a few days before the election Took the goal of trying “this land.”

Asked if he thought a special counsel was likely to be appointed before Election Day, Jordan said, “I certainly hope so.”

Fox News’ Brooke Singman contributed to this report.

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