Reporters protesting outside the hospital arrested

Sheriff depots in Los Angeles County arrested a public-radio reporter as he covered protests that erupted outside a hospital where two deputies were being treated for gunshot wounds on Saturday evening Suffered in an “ambush” attack.

KPCC and Leist reporter Josie Huang was detained outside St. Francis Medical Center in Lynwood and released hours later.

The incident came a day after a sheriff’s deputation in the rioters took place at a press conference organized by activists. The deployment of Dijon Kizi in South LA earlier this month killed the speakers. When the news conference concluded, deputies ordered attendees, including reporters, to leave the area. The incident prompted calls for an investigation into the strategy.

The arrest in the hospital is also causing criticism.

The video posted by ABC7 shows several soldiers dropping Huang to the ground and handcuffing him.

ABC 7 reporter Lean Sauter said, “We saw one of the radio reporters. She left for the police line at the scene to see what she was doing when she was suddenly going there.” ” “We are not exactly sure what happened there, why did they deal with him and put him in a patrol car, but it happened.”

The protesters had gathered outside the hospital, where two Sheriff depots in Los Angeles County were recovering from surgery. The two were seriously injured after being shot in Compton on Saturday evening, in what authorities described as an ambush captured on surveillance video.

The sheriff department’s ties with the community remain strained in the wake of several sub-involved shootings, most recently as the murder of Kizzy as he rode a bicycle in the Westmont neighborhood of South LA, an event that provoked days of protests .

Last week, a person was shot and killed by sheriff’s detectives who said they opened fire on him as he served a search warrant in Compton.

The department said on Twitter that, following Saturday’s shooting, some protesters blocked hospital entrances and exit routes, but could not be independently verified.

The depot was trying to arrest a keeper who refused to obey the order to disperse, the department tweeted, when Huang “ran towards deputation, he clashed with the man and was arrested” Ignored repeated orders to return to intervene. ”

The department said Huang did not identify himself as press and lacked “proper” press credentials. But other reporters at the scene said that she was speaking about her affiliation with the radio station and was worn by Megan Garvey, KPCC executive editor. Wrote on twitter. As Huang was being kept in a patrol car, he can be seen wearing a string with a badge around his neck. Videos from the scene also show that she identifies herself as a reporter.

Huang was released Sunday morning. She said she would respond to the department’s claims that she did not have the appropriate press credentials. “I’ve seen the tweets and have ideas and videos to share after a short rest.” Tweeted.

“NPR is being recalled from the arrest of KPCC Public Radio reporter Josie Huang, who was doing her job last night – gathering facts to inform the American public,” the organization said A statement released on Twitter. “The rights of journalists are protected by the First Amendment, and are essential to an informed public and our democracy.”

LAist said it asked the department to apologize.

Times staff writer Richard Vinton contributed to this report.

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