Reported 10 deaths, 1,120 new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday morning. news

Ten more people have died in Kern County on Wednesday morning and more than 1,000 new cases of coronovirus have been reported, as cases at the local level are increasing rapidly.

Total deaths have now reached 115 in Cairn and cases are now over 11,000. The number of individuals tested comes from 110,000 of a countywide population of 900,000.

In addition, local hospitals took another 32 COVID-19 patients over a 48-hour period from Sunday to Tuesday, according to the state hospitalization tracker.

In recent weeks, the daily number of new cases was hovering around 100 to 150 per day, but on Saturday they came down to just 500 and since then the number has increased every day.

On Tuesday, Kern was added back to the state watchlist which exceeds some COVID-19 matrices.

Why are cases increasing so much?

That watchlist states: “Potential drivers of advanced disease transmission include: 1) an exponential expansion of testing for Kern County residents; 2) transmission in skilled nursing facilities, prisons and other isolated facilities; 3) separate – Household contact and social mobilization in different households. “

County officials said earlier this week that the number of people tested began to increase rapidly earlier this month.

Andrew Noymer, an epidemiologist at UC Irvine, said that growth eventually results in a rapidly growing epidemic, where the rate of increase is proportional to the size of the number of cases.