Report: Twice at Jaguar’s Reckel Armstead Hospital with COVID-19 Complications | Bleacher report

Stephen B. Morton / Associated Press

The Jacksonville Jaguars, running back Reckel Armstead because of COVID-19, were hospitalized twice. According to ESPN Adam schefter.

It was then reported that the player is dealing with “significant respiratory issues” as part of a variety of complications resulting from coronovirus.

23-year-old was placed on Reserve / COVID-19 list twice but is now expected to miss the rest of the 2020 season.

Head coach Doug Marrone indicated there were serious issuesHein Armstead was placed on the COVID-19 list in September.

“I can’t put a real timetable on that, but he’ll be out for a while,” Marrone said, per Michael Diococo Of ESPN.

According to coronovirus, there have been more than 224,000 deaths in the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, However, this disease is considered quite dangerous for older persons. As of Sunday, the CDC has reported fewer than 1,000 deaths for people under 30 years of age.

Hospitalization rate Higher for older persons as well.

There were high expectations on the field for Armstead this season, especially when the Jaguars released starter Leonard Fournette before Week 1. Armstead was second among the Jaguars after taking the fourth round last season with 35 carries and 108 rushing yards. 2019 draft.

The unruly rogue James Robinson starts running back in Jacksonville’s absence.

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