Report: Trump continues to question Obama’s birth certificate


Trump still questioning Obama's birthplace is just one of several instances that The Times pointed to as examples of the president's confidence in "manufactured events," the newspaper reported Tuesday.

A United States senator quoted by the Times, "who listened while the president relived his doubts" on the subject, "chuckled" when he spoke of what was said. Trump "has struggled to get rid of his claim that Obama was not born in the United States," said the senator, who "asked not to be mentioned to talk about private conversations," according to The New York Times.

CNN has not independently confirmed the report. The White House did not immediately return CNN's request for comment.

Although Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961, Trump publicly questioned Obama's citizenship for several years before saying at a press conference during the 2016 election that he believed the nation's first African-American president had been born in the United States. .

In September 2016, Trump said: "President Barack Obama was born in the United States."
The White House published copies of Obama's original long-form birth certificate in 2011 in an attempt to put the rumors to bed.
Tuesday's report comes days after The Times reported that Trump was also questioning the authenticity of the infamous "Access Hollywood" movie.

The tape was a recording several years ago in which Trump could be heard blustering about women gropingly, and Trump apologized shortly after the tape surfaced last fall.

Maegan Vázquez, Stephen Collinson and Jeremy Diamond of CNN contributed to this report.

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