REPORT: The game urged not to use the controversial Kim K. Line


The game I really took him there. On Thursday (January 24), a preview of a new song from Compton, California, the rapper came to the Internet in which he offers a graphic description of how to receive oral bad from Kanye West's wife Kim Kardashian. New reports claim that several people in his circle warned that the rapper would not be a good idea.

According to a TMZ The report was published on Saturday (January 26). The game was urged by "close friends and business partners" to eliminate the line of the song, due to the volatile reaction that Kanye would cause. The Game refused to follow anyone's advice and left it there. A source said Chuck was asked to at least approach Kanye before the line went public, but he did not do that either.

The song in question debuted in the listening session of Game for his next album. Born to rap. In the song, Game spits: "I held Kim Kardashian next to her throat, nigga / I made her swallow my children until she choked on nigga / I must apologize, because my friends nigga / This is for all my lords and madmen, nigga . "

The Game and Kim K. reportedly I used to go out years ago. The rapper even too. He claimed to have slept with Khloe Kardashian too in the past. Neither Kim nor Kanye have addressed the controversial lyrics through social networks.

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